Sunday, May 30, 2010

No promises

This picture may actually bring me back to blogging. Something has to- I can't believe half a year has gone by undocumented. What a tragedy. Why can't I seem to find the time and/or energy to blog this year?
I don't know.

Last week though I took this picture. The big kids wanted me to go on a bike ride with them around the neighborhood, so we asked Greg if he could just sit outside with Jackson while we were gone. Greg is not a big fan of being outside, especially this time of year when it's "buggy". So I came outside to leave for the ride and found Greg watching Jackson play from the comfort of his car. Serious? He couldn't just grab a chair to sit on in the driveway? The scene was so ridiculous I had to laugh- and take a picture of it of course- because it is so Greg. :)

There. I did it. I wrote a small post. Baby steps. Maybe I can get back in the habit.
Heaven knows I have lots to write about.
No promises, but maybe.

Sorry this baby step was made at your expense Greg. Love you. :)

PS I even did a quick post on The Garrick Gallery tonight!
I've got a lot to catch up on there too!