Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just one word

I've thought and thought about this for weeks now. I've been trying to decide what my word for 2009 will be. The word that encompasses my goal for the new year. The word that helps me to focus on the places in my life where I would like to make some  progress.

In 2008 my word was remember. Looking back it was a good word for my first year of blogging. I tried to keep up with this blog as a record of our family to help us to remember. I tried to record some of my memories that may have not been previously recorded. I did well, and I will continue with this as it has become habit for me now.

After much consideration I've settled on my new word for 2009-


I've tried it on for size for a little while and it seems to fit well. When I think of perspective the first thing that comes to mind is eternal perspective. I feel that as I focus on eternal things and put more priority on my own spiritual growth (personal prayers, scripture study, etc...) that the other things will fall into place much more easily... parenting, church callings, weight control, household chores, general simplifying...

I will apply perspective to my parenting.  This has already come in handy during some frustrating parenting moments. It helps me to be a little more patient. Helps me to think on a grand scale of the eternities and what is most important.... choosing my battles.  Sometimes I need to be less strict and sometimes I need to be more strict.  I will spend less time barking orders and dispensing punishments and more time listening, understanding, setting expectations, and looking for the positive.  

It's hard for me to find the right words to explain all of the ways perspective  can make a difference in my life, but I know what I mean. :) Looking at the big picture, the eternal perspective, seeing situations in a new way than I have looked at them before... This is what a strive for this year as I focus on just one word: perspective.


Shan said...

Love it. Great word and I love the reasons you chose it. I think I will keep it as my second word cause I like it so much!
I have been meaning to blog about my word but just haven't gotten to it yet - thanks for the reminder to get it done!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful word. I know that sometimes we are so far into the trenches that we forget to stop and realize what we are working so hard for. I am glad that you are you are going to try and enjoy life as you go through it and not when you are done with it.

Leanne said...

Fabulous word to choose. I might just steal it for my high-low journaling.

Dad said...

Good word,Nik. One I have often used in instruction, and in learning. You will do well.
Love you.

Angie said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with this year. I think that is a terrific word choice. It will be inspiring to read. Good choice!