Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today is another very snowy day. I've decided that I live in the right place since I really enjoy the snow.
(Granted my life is such that I typically don't have to get out in it if I choose not to... and I do get to a point where I have had enough.) :)A fresh covering of snow looks like a warm blanket making every house and tree look comfy and cozy... ironic I suppose. I love to sit inside a warm house watching the blizzard out of the window or to be out in the cold air shoveling or playing with the kids.
Unfortunately, Greg doesn't feel the same way about living here. He'd much rather live in LA. (um, not happening.)
So today after Jackson was done with preschool we did a few things inside like watch the snow plow go by.

We made a little surprise for the rest of the family. (Here's Jack Jack waiting for a picture of Disney World to come out of the printer.)
I'd gone to Home Depot and picked up one of each of their paint chips that are Mickey shaped. We used them to make a little countdown calendar on the wall to countdown the days til we go to Disney World!
I grabbed some little blue Mickey Mouse feet from a Disney game we have. The feet will walk up the path one day at a time.
Then we got a little Valentines-y...
Nothing too fancy. We got some heart garland and hearts and just threw them around a little.
Even changed the Christmas Poinsettia into a Valentine's Poinsettia. {Can you do that?}

We also replaced the Christmas books with the Valentines and snow themed books...
... and did a little reading.
I also updated The Garrick Gallery today with a couple of posts from fall and winter that I neglected to post earlier. By the way, it's very funny to me that I get a lot of foreign traffic on that blog. I think they must be searching for some real Garrick Gallery that must be out there in Europe somewhere. Suprise to them to find my kids' artwork intead of something famous! :)
**Don't forget!! Tonight it's time for a new season of American Idol!!!!! WooHoo!!**


Shan said...

Fun day Nik! I love the countdown to Disneyworld. You're such a fun mom
I have always laughed at the foreign traffic on your other site too- thought maybe you just had friends all over the world :)

Shan said...

Oh and since I had to be at scouts tonight, I taped AI and can hardly wait to watch it!

staci-d said...

I love the mickey mouse countdown! You are very creative! I also put out some Valentine stuff today! Last year I made my kids Valentine pillowcases, so they were excited about putting those on.

I love the pictures of all the snow too, I wish we had more here in Idaho. All we have right now is lots of FOG! yuck :)

Have a good day!

Andrea said...

I am inspired by your Valentine's day decorations. I think I will put mine up. I also love the Mickeys.

Angie said...

This makes me miss your house and the wonderful feelings that are inside of it! Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom. Did they love the Mickey Mouse Countdown? That's so fun! Of course you can turn the poinsetta into a V-Day poinsetta!! So frugal of you! Michigan see's it's fair amount of snow too, but I have to say, nothing compared to Buffalo! You do live in the right place for that!!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Love your sweet valentine's decorations! Your countdown idea is awesome - My girls always like being rewarded at Home Depot with picking out their favorite Mickey paint chip!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Love your sweet valentine's decorations! Your countdown idea is awesome - My girls always like being rewarded at Home Depot with picking out their favorite Mickey paint chip!

Robyn said...

Your Mickey countdown is adorable. I bet the kids are so excited! Your house looks so cute- I love the Valentine pointsettia idea! It looks great.

Holly said...

LOVE how the countdown turned out! I feel bad taking all those from the store, but since you did.... :)

I need to get up some valentines decorations too. Yours are so fun! I think people skip over valentines day too much. I love valentines day!

BRING ON THE SNOW~!~~ (especially since we are going to Florida!!)

Abby said...

I agree with Shan, you are such a fun Mom! And with Greg about wanting to live in sunny California! Tim has me fully on board with that idea after being there in Dec. and it was in the 60's!!