Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Unfolds

Today I sat at the TV
snapping pictures as if I was actually there. :)
Another inauguration. This one is more historically significant that most. Our country has it's first Black president! The peaceful transfer of power is one we may take for granted here in the USA. I found myself feeling quite patriotic and excited today while the ceremony took place. While I may not be too excited about President Barack Obama's political views, I am hopeful that he will be successful, that WE will be successful. I do not wish him to fail. After seeing the excitement and hope and positive attitudes of Americans today, I think changes will happen- and not necessarily because of Obama's actions as president- but because of the belief of the people that everything's going to be just fine now. We may restart the economy all on our own with all this happiness going on. :)

A positive attitude is going to go along way for our country. I have been so frustrated with the negative talk about President Bush. I am proud to have had him as our president. For heaven's sake, 9/11 happened less than a 9 months into his presidency! Unless your name is Rosie O'Donnell, you don't blame him for that. I remember how patriotic our country felt then. I remember how much we stood behind President Bush and supported him. Then when things got messy, as war does, people turned their backs on him. I really don't get into politics, but I don't know many who would know exactly what to do with this new threat of terrorism. Hind sight is 20/20. There may have been some things he would've done differently looking back now. I honestly believe he did what he felt was best for the country... and he has kept us safe all these years. I appreciate his service. Who would ask for this difficult of a job? Not me. That is why I can support President Obama now too. The hardest job in the entire world. All I can do is be proud to live in a democracy and pray that all of our leaders make the right choices. I'll miss the Bush's- and hope that history will redeem him.
I stole a fabulous idea today from 2Cleverblog.com. The girls over there designed the most 'clever' cards to mark the inauguration. I printed up some for our family- and you can print them up for yours too! One is a thank you note to the Bush's and the other is a "welcome to your new home" note for the Obama's. These have been very helpful with the kids. They are pretty sour on Obama due to our support of McCain and the competitive nature of the election. This has given me a chance to talk with them about how we should support him as he is OUR president. Even if we don't agree with his political views, we can still pray for him to make wise choices, and tell him so in our notes. I think the experience has softened them a little. :) Our letters will be in the mail soon.

High points today:
**Aretha Franklin singing "My Country 'tis of Thee", Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman,... all of the music was great.

**Michelle Obama's yellow dress and her ability to walk most of the parade route in freezing temps AND high heels.
**Seeing all of the former presidents hanging out in the hall chatting it up while the staff nervously paced, not sure how to get them to move along to their seats.
**The little Obama girls just so visibly excited for their dad.
** President Bush saying goodbye to the Obama's. (I did a little lip reading.) President Obama to President Bush, "Thanks a lot, man." President Bush to Michelle Obama, "You're gonna have the time of your life. I promise!"

Low points:
**Feeling bad for President Bush when it felt like all of the speakers were bagging on him for the way he lead the country while he sat right there.
** Since when do people think it's ok to cheer and whoop and holler DURING A PRAYER?? I'm not talking about an Amen shout, but when the first prayer was said, and he mentioned "the first black president", the audience went crazy with cheers. Can it wait just a sec?!
** Since when is it ok to start rhyming like Dr Suess and making everyone laugh DURING A PRAYER?? Reverence anyone?!

I guess it's a cultural thing... Mormon culture vs. the rest I guess.

Overall, a good day for America.
Waiting to see what changes are in store...


Andrea said...

Thank you for that terrific post. I too have been having a hard time with this transition. Thank you for giving me some perspective. I totally agree with all of your high and low points.

Holly said...

Aretha Franklin's hat was hillarious!! She cracked me up.

LOVED Yo YO Ma's song, although I don't think he arranged it.

The poetery reading was a little over my head. I kept feeling like, "Wait... is she saying this IN the microphone?" Wierd.

About fell over with the Dr Suess prayer. Can't wait for "the White to do what's right"...

I am amazed with your lip reading abilities!!

We made the cards for the predident's too. Ethan wrote, "write back if you get a chance" and Saroya wrote, "Hey! You are the new president! I hope you like your new house!" It was fun.

This comment is sooo long! I guess I need to blog again. Now if I could just get my computer to work....

Sunny said...

Fabulous post Nikki! I felt the same way! I think with all the controversy over choosing that guy to say the prayer he maybe felt he needed to make it funny. Anyway who says "Red man" anymore! Derek once said that he should walk up to Andra and sing "What makes the red man red?!" And I really do hope "that the Red man can get ahead, man!" :)

Angie said...

What a great message! Thank you for making me feel more Patriotic about the inaguration. I was a little tired of Pres. Obama's celebrity status, but you are right. We live in an amazing country and with a lot of help from up above it will continue to be so. Great post!

Angie said...

What a great message! Thank you for making me feel more Patriotic about the inaguration. I was a little tired of Pres. Obama's celebrity status, but you are right. We live in an amazing country and with a lot of help from up above it will continue to be so. Great post!

2cleverblog.com said...

Thank you so much for the shout out!

Caity said...

We had it on all day! I was just really sad that I missed that prayer! My mom and I are still laughing about it. It was pretty cool to witness history being made though.