Saturday, September 26, 2009

Screams in the halls of the school

It's musical audition time at the middle school again.
This year's production is
Jillie tried out again this year having enjoyed being in the chorus of the 2 previous musicals. Her goal this year was to get a speaking part.
She practiced her singing.
She practiced using courage so they could see what she is capable of doing on stage.
She got a call back. We were cautiously hopeful.

Reagan tried out too even though the odds were against her.
Apparently there were 200 kids trying out for the musical.
There are about 10 parts and 60 chorus spots.
There was a better chance a 7th or 8th grader would get in the cast over a 6th grader.
She practiced her singing.
We hoped.

Friday the cast list was posted.
There were screams in the halls of the school.

REAGAN made it into the CHORUS!

JILLIE will now be referred to as

She even has a solo!

These are the happy faces that got off the bus Friday after school.
They called their dad, grandparents, aunts & uncles
and of course posted the news on Facebook.
Daddy sent them a chocolate covered strawberry bouquet
within an hour of getting the news.

Looks like the calendar is gonna get filled up pretty quick
between now and the weekend before Thanksgiving!

Congratulations girls! We are so proud of you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remembering September 17, 1991

A long time ago in a college town far far away, Greg and I celebrated our 8 month dating anniversary. We had just returned to BYU a couple of weeks prior and decided to go out to dinner at The Tree Room at Sundance up in the Provo Canyon to celebrate. It had been a long summer apart.

{leaving on our date 9/17/91}

Greg came to pick me up that night and he was SO nervous. We sat at the Tree Room having a delicious (and expensive) meal and Greg could hardly eat. I knew he had a gift for me and that was the source of his uneasiness . (I didn't dare think it was an engagement ring!) I kept saying, "just give me what ever you got for me so you can at least enjoy this meal!" It was so strange because even on our first date we were not the least bit nervous.
After dinner we walked around the grounds for a short time, but it was chilly and we headed back down to Provo. On the way I noticed that Greg seemed to have a cold. I said we should go to my apartment so I could get him some Sudafed. But he said no and kept driving around Provo like he was looking for some place to go. Eventually I realized he was looking for the way up the mountain to a look out point. I showed him the way while thinking, this is what he planned?! To go make out (I mean look at the lights of Provo)?!

So we get up there, car parked at the mountain's edge, and he asked me to get out and go in front of the car. Luckily I trusted him enough I figured he wasn't try to push me off a cliff. I heard him fidgeting around in the car and then our song, Unforgettable by Natalie Cole. He came to me and asked me to dance. So there we danced overlooking the Provo lights with no one else around. During the song he stopped to kiss me. I could tell he was reaching into his pocket. I thought, "Finally. Whatever it is, he's going to give it to me and then we can go back to being comfortable."

He told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I had to look at the ring in the box to be sure he was serious. He'd joked that he'd fake propose to keep me guessing. But it was the real deal. I started to cry. I thought, how silly to cry, but there I was with tears of joy. Soon Unforgettable ended, but since it was on a mix tape, all of a sudden the mood was broken by "dun-dun-dun, da-da- dun-dun, ice ice baby." :) We got in the car to turn off Vanilla Ice and take a good look at the ring. Then Greg said we should go because my parents were waiting for me to call. He called them earlier in the day to ask their permission to marry me. We first went to Shannon's (his sister) apartment. She knew already and was very happy for us. Mom and Dad were happy for us too. Yes, I was still only 19 years old (about 2 months from my 20th birthday)! But Mom said she figured I'd marry young since I was an "old soul."

He took me home to my waiting roommates, who were camera in hand ready since they too knew.
{after our date 9/17/91}

Needless to say it was a great night- spontaneous on Greg's part too. Apparently he decided on his way home from class that day that he wanted to propose that night. He said a little prayer to let Heavenly Father know is plan and ask for a confirmation that this was right. In true Greg style off to the jewelry store he went with Shannon I think. Bought the ring, called the parents, and by the night's end we were engaged to be married! YEA!

I think I got pretty lucky. No one could love me more than Greg does and I couldn't be happier that we found each other.

Happy Engagement Anniversary!
I love you!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Michigan '09: Part Two

The story of our July trip continues... (Part one here)

On Monday Holly and family came down to Grand Rapids to see an old friend who was in town. Ann used to lived in the same townhouses we did about 8 years ago, but has since moved to Utah. It was so nice to see her. Her daughter was born around the at the same time as Kobe (along with about 6 other kids at church) and she brought her daughter with her. Fun to see her again too.
Back at Holly's house we dropped off the kids with Nathan and headed out to dinner with the girls. Sadly Beth and Caity couldn't make it, but we had fun with Leanne and Leslie.
It became an interesting evening when the waitress told us that the original chef had quit and if we would tell her what we wanted from the menu, she would let us know if the current chef made it very well or not. We felt like we were taking big risks when ordering, but it turned out OK- not great, but OK. By the way I did get to visit with Beth (and her kids) for a little while the next morning which was very nice.

We returned home to find the kids having a ball under Nathan's watch.

As is the tradition when the moms have a GNO, Uncle Nathan creates a delicious dessert with the kids help. Oh my goodness, the frosting he created was AWESOME!! I couldn't stop eating the leftovers the rest of the week. Chocolate, fudgey, peanutty, kind of a no bake cookie taste. Right up my can-not-resist alley.

We turned it into an impromptu birthday cake. Jaleigh and Jackson almost always celebrate their birthdays together. (Jaleigh is 3 days older than Jackson.)

Jaleigh was excited about her present!
Jackson loves his new Curious George DVD from the Averys.
The next days were spent either at the beach or on the 'set' of Wipe Out. The older kids spent all of their time at the house filming and editing their own version of Wipe Out. Reagan and Jillie have become pros with iMovie ( I still have no idea how to use it) They've been making all sorts of movies. Holly is so grateful that this film is too long to post here or on YouTube because of some of the costumes Ethan chose to wear. :) She'd much rather the world did not see that. It was great though to see them all working together and being creative. The best part is that they were so busy creating this film there wasn't any time left for bickering and competition. They just got along.

The beach was fun as usual though it wasn't extremely hot weather. Dad joined us for the day, Mom came up after work to join us for dinner and a beach sunset.

And I can not forget to mention blueberry picking.
I don't think I could ever have enough blueberries!!
The strangest part of the trip was that I didn't get to clean or organize any of Holly's house. (I did try to do some reorganization in Mom and Dad's newly remodeled kitchen.) I kind of missed organizing with Holly though. Hol, plan something for me to do next time.

Overall a great visit with the family. It always feels a little too short,
and too long til we get to do it again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One more off to school

Someone was pretty excited to go to school today.
Preschool every morning, every week.
He's getting so grown up. (He's missing 2 teeth now!)
The nerves showed up at when we got to school, but didn't last long.
He spotted some books that he was excited about,
but wanted me to stay and look at them with him.
Happily, his friend from last year, James, showed up . I was free to go.
Not too much time for Mom tears today.
I went off to get some exercise with some church friends.
It was a good morning for both of us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here we go again...

Back to school.
Two in the middle school this year.
Jillie is in 8th grade.
Reagan is in 6th grade.
Jillie is wearing wedges, so she looks a lot taller than Reagan, but she really has grown tall this summer. Almost as tall as me now and we wear the same size shoe.
Jillie had to go in early to anchor MSTV this morning and Reagan was too nervous to ride the bus without her today. Daddy was their 'bus driver' today. I hope Reagan is doing well. It's a big school and a lot of classes to attend.
Kobe's the only one in elementary school this year (3rd grade).

He is fine with that, especially since he has Mr Muffaletto this year who is not only one of the most creative teachers ever, but also a magician! (We went to see him earlier this week.)
So Kobe headed out on his own this morning, equipped with his new Lakers backpack.

He hopped on the bus as the world's best bus driver called out,
"Hey Kobe!"
And off they went...
Let the tears flow.
For just a little bit.
Hold back a few for Tuesday
when Jackson heads back to preschool.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michigan '09: Part One

I took the kids on our annual pilgrimage home to Michigan in July. Always a good time though we miss Greg. (and I'm sure he misses us a little while he basks in the beauty of a quiet house all to himself!)

We were sure to stop in to see Angie, Brian and Owen when we got to Detroit. Owen was happy to see us- yea! My kids just love him and enjoyed having some time to play with him. Angie and Brian were nice enough to serve us dinner and let us hang out with them. Even though we'd be at my parents in 2 hours we really didn't want to leave. They are such a great family. Angie was super cute at 8 months pregnant, though now she has a sweet baby girl, Ellika in place of her baby bump.
We sadly dragged ourselves away, but were happy to be at "Grandma and Papa's" that night too!

Saturday we spent in Downtown Grand Rapids at the Public Museum with my parents. I really like the look of downtown GR and the museum had so many interesting displays. I can NOT believe I forgot to bring my camera. Only had my phone for photographic evidence of our visit.

Right when we got there Kobe and my Dad went to the planetarium show. Jackson wanted NOTHING to do with that room, so I rushed out with him as the lights went down. Kobe came out with lots of facts about astronomy in his head. (Yea! I love an educational vacation!)

The museum has a nice collection of displays about Grand Rapids history and world history.
The real mummy freaked them out a little. :)
Saturday evening Mom took us over to the Rockford Cemetery where many relatives from her side are buried. I took lots of pictures of their gravestones. (I was amazed at some of the things they do with gravestones these days.) The main one she wanted us to see was her father's who passed away August 2008. Grandma wanted 2 temples on it. One of the Mesa Temple where they were sealed and one of the Chicago Temple where they served as temple workers. My Dad drew the designs that were used. I think that's very cool. :)

Back at home we had a bonfire at the fire pit Dad made for Mom's birthday. Dad attempted to surprise us by sending a flame down a string from the deck all the way down the hill to the fire wood in the pit. It would've been spectacular, if it had worked. Oh well! :) The s'mores were yummy anyway!
Sunday after church we went to visit my Grandma Pauline. Her memory is not very good anymore. She swore she hadn't seen my kids since they were babies. Of course we just saw her in December. I took pictures so I could send them to her- to help her remember that we were there.
Here is our 4 generation picture, First daughter(Jillie) of a first daughter (me) of a first daughter (my mom), of a first daughter (Grandma). See any resemblance?
Finally that night we got to spend some time with Tami and her kids. Mitch didn't come along though. :( A miracle happened that night. My cousin, Michael, actually posed for a picture!
Yea! We had a nice visit. LOVE that family! LOVE Tami especially! (We grew up more as sisters or cousins than as aunt and niece.) The kids got along great and once again it took forever to say goodbye because we know it'll be a while til we see each other again.

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Next up- Part Two: Making movies and beaching it with the Averys.