Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michigan '09: Part One

I took the kids on our annual pilgrimage home to Michigan in July. Always a good time though we miss Greg. (and I'm sure he misses us a little while he basks in the beauty of a quiet house all to himself!)

We were sure to stop in to see Angie, Brian and Owen when we got to Detroit. Owen was happy to see us- yea! My kids just love him and enjoyed having some time to play with him. Angie and Brian were nice enough to serve us dinner and let us hang out with them. Even though we'd be at my parents in 2 hours we really didn't want to leave. They are such a great family. Angie was super cute at 8 months pregnant, though now she has a sweet baby girl, Ellika in place of her baby bump.
We sadly dragged ourselves away, but were happy to be at "Grandma and Papa's" that night too!

Saturday we spent in Downtown Grand Rapids at the Public Museum with my parents. I really like the look of downtown GR and the museum had so many interesting displays. I can NOT believe I forgot to bring my camera. Only had my phone for photographic evidence of our visit.

Right when we got there Kobe and my Dad went to the planetarium show. Jackson wanted NOTHING to do with that room, so I rushed out with him as the lights went down. Kobe came out with lots of facts about astronomy in his head. (Yea! I love an educational vacation!)

The museum has a nice collection of displays about Grand Rapids history and world history.
The real mummy freaked them out a little. :)
Saturday evening Mom took us over to the Rockford Cemetery where many relatives from her side are buried. I took lots of pictures of their gravestones. (I was amazed at some of the things they do with gravestones these days.) The main one she wanted us to see was her father's who passed away August 2008. Grandma wanted 2 temples on it. One of the Mesa Temple where they were sealed and one of the Chicago Temple where they served as temple workers. My Dad drew the designs that were used. I think that's very cool. :)

Back at home we had a bonfire at the fire pit Dad made for Mom's birthday. Dad attempted to surprise us by sending a flame down a string from the deck all the way down the hill to the fire wood in the pit. It would've been spectacular, if it had worked. Oh well! :) The s'mores were yummy anyway!
Sunday after church we went to visit my Grandma Pauline. Her memory is not very good anymore. She swore she hadn't seen my kids since they were babies. Of course we just saw her in December. I took pictures so I could send them to her- to help her remember that we were there.
Here is our 4 generation picture, First daughter(Jillie) of a first daughter (me) of a first daughter (my mom), of a first daughter (Grandma). See any resemblance?
Finally that night we got to spend some time with Tami and her kids. Mitch didn't come along though. :( A miracle happened that night. My cousin, Michael, actually posed for a picture!
Yea! We had a nice visit. LOVE that family! LOVE Tami especially! (We grew up more as sisters or cousins than as aunt and niece.) The kids got along great and once again it took forever to say goodbye because we know it'll be a while til we see each other again.

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Next up- Part Two: Making movies and beaching it with the Averys.


Holly said...

Love this post!! I was so impressed with your pictures of Downtown GR! (Until you said you forgot your camera! :) Is this a tag-team post? Am I doing the post of your beach time here? I would hate for you to have to post ANY protion of "the movie" or pictures of me... :P

You are a blogging FOOL!! Yea you!

Angie said...

What fun to be the first pictures on your post!! As always it was fun to see you and now that Ellika is born perhaps we can make the trip to Buffalo soon!! I love that you are from Grand Rapids and get to come here. Brian totally wants to move there. Your pictures all look fun and I love that all the cousins get along and love each other so much!

Jill said...

I love Grand Rapids!

Leanne said...

Such a great post! I actually take photo's of gravestones too. Actually, I should do a post about my own stone. I have the temple on it too.

Thanks for the photo's of your extended family too. I always love seeing how Tami's kids are growing up.

Dad said...

Oh Nik! I forgot that I had taken pictures at the Museum to give you. Too late now - for the post, but I'll get them to you.