Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remembering September 17, 1991

A long time ago in a college town far far away, Greg and I celebrated our 8 month dating anniversary. We had just returned to BYU a couple of weeks prior and decided to go out to dinner at The Tree Room at Sundance up in the Provo Canyon to celebrate. It had been a long summer apart.

{leaving on our date 9/17/91}

Greg came to pick me up that night and he was SO nervous. We sat at the Tree Room having a delicious (and expensive) meal and Greg could hardly eat. I knew he had a gift for me and that was the source of his uneasiness . (I didn't dare think it was an engagement ring!) I kept saying, "just give me what ever you got for me so you can at least enjoy this meal!" It was so strange because even on our first date we were not the least bit nervous.
After dinner we walked around the grounds for a short time, but it was chilly and we headed back down to Provo. On the way I noticed that Greg seemed to have a cold. I said we should go to my apartment so I could get him some Sudafed. But he said no and kept driving around Provo like he was looking for some place to go. Eventually I realized he was looking for the way up the mountain to a look out point. I showed him the way while thinking, this is what he planned?! To go make out (I mean look at the lights of Provo)?!

So we get up there, car parked at the mountain's edge, and he asked me to get out and go in front of the car. Luckily I trusted him enough I figured he wasn't try to push me off a cliff. I heard him fidgeting around in the car and then our song, Unforgettable by Natalie Cole. He came to me and asked me to dance. So there we danced overlooking the Provo lights with no one else around. During the song he stopped to kiss me. I could tell he was reaching into his pocket. I thought, "Finally. Whatever it is, he's going to give it to me and then we can go back to being comfortable."

He told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I had to look at the ring in the box to be sure he was serious. He'd joked that he'd fake propose to keep me guessing. But it was the real deal. I started to cry. I thought, how silly to cry, but there I was with tears of joy. Soon Unforgettable ended, but since it was on a mix tape, all of a sudden the mood was broken by "dun-dun-dun, da-da- dun-dun, ice ice baby." :) We got in the car to turn off Vanilla Ice and take a good look at the ring. Then Greg said we should go because my parents were waiting for me to call. He called them earlier in the day to ask their permission to marry me. We first went to Shannon's (his sister) apartment. She knew already and was very happy for us. Mom and Dad were happy for us too. Yes, I was still only 19 years old (about 2 months from my 20th birthday)! But Mom said she figured I'd marry young since I was an "old soul."

He took me home to my waiting roommates, who were camera in hand ready since they too knew.
{after our date 9/17/91}

Needless to say it was a great night- spontaneous on Greg's part too. Apparently he decided on his way home from class that day that he wanted to propose that night. He said a little prayer to let Heavenly Father know is plan and ask for a confirmation that this was right. In true Greg style off to the jewelry store he went with Shannon I think. Bought the ring, called the parents, and by the night's end we were engaged to be married! YEA!

I think I got pretty lucky. No one could love me more than Greg does and I couldn't be happier that we found each other.

Happy Engagement Anniversary!
I love you!

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Greg Garrick said...

Excellent post Bok! I love you with all my heart. I'm very thankful that you accepted my invitation 18 years ago. It blows my mind when I think about how great you are in every aspect of our life together.

I adored you 18 years ago -- I cherish you now. I'll love you for eternity.

Jill said...

Cute story! It's so amazing to think about how young you both were (does that ever freak you out now that you have kids?).

I love it that ice, ice baby came on next!

Andrea said...

What a great story. I am glad it wasn't like some BYU proposals with a scavenger hunt or something. Just sweet and meaningful. And what would a proposal be without an opportunity to get funky with your white self?

Shan said...

Lol! Love the comment on the getting funky with your white self!
I remember that night and I remember going with Greg to pick up the ring. I think he may have already picked it out and I just tagged along. He always had excellent taste- in both the ring and his wife :) I feel blessed he found you and you became my sister. I love you both so much!!

Sunny said...

Oh my goodness Andrea! That made me laugh so hard because my husband did a scavenger hunt on Valentines day to propose to me! I guess that's as BYU cliche as you can get, huh? :)HA! Ahh well I'll always remember right? Wow I don't know that I've ever heard this story. How is that possible? It is true Greg style to just decide and make it happen. Happy 18th anniversary of your engagement. I too love that Vanilla Ice played after your song. Classic!

Annette said...

Great Story!!! I love that Greg was the first to comment. You two seem so perfect for eachother. I love the other comments too, thats great about the scavenger hunt Sunny! Happy engagement anniversary Nicky!

Manzanafam said...

So fun to hear your story, and I must say you both had some happening hair! Cute Jillie looks so much like you.

Leanne said...

I didn't get tears until I just read Greg's comment. Excellent post and sets such a great example for your kids. Better print it out.

Dad said...

Great Post Nik!
BTW, I might know of someone that loves you at least as much as Greg (if not more), but he's gotta be an awful close second, if not first =)
Happy engagement anniversary you two!

Michelle said...

What a great post! I can't believe it's been 18 years!! Love reading about that special night and Greg and your dad's comments are just so sweet. Hope you had a fun anniversary!!

Beth Soelberg said...

CRAZY! Dan got off his mission on Sep. 16 and proposed on Sep. 25 (unfortunately WITHOUT the benefit of Vanilla Ice!).

That is a really beautiful story.

And I have to say this - it's hard to choose who has the better hair, but I have to vote for Greg. :)

Cara said...

I love your Dad's comment - so sweet♥ I need to find pictures of us back then - I had the same exact hair as you! I think I even had those green pants! Green was so cool back then!

Abby said...

What a sweet, romantic story! I loved reading about your special day.

Giveaway Girl said...
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Giveaway Girl said...

I read Greg's comment and it was so sweet. Loved the post. I love how you put in pictures of the past like that on posts! It's a little late :) but Happy Anniversary!!! ~ Caity