Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One more off to school

Someone was pretty excited to go to school today.
Preschool every morning, every week.
He's getting so grown up. (He's missing 2 teeth now!)
The nerves showed up at when we got to school, but didn't last long.
He spotted some books that he was excited about,
but wanted me to stay and look at them with him.
Happily, his friend from last year, James, showed up . I was free to go.
Not too much time for Mom tears today.
I went off to get some exercise with some church friends.
It was a good morning for both of us.


Sunny said...

YEA! LOVE that picture! Jackson looks so excited for school. That's so fun! He's is really growing up! That is crazy! How fun that he's getting so independent now. Of course it is kind of a double edged sword too.

Holly said...

How can it be that he looks a year older than he did last month? SOO CUTE!!

I was wondering how today went. I am so glad he was excited to go to school and that his friend showed up so that you could go excersize! Hurray for school!

Manzanafam said...

Love that the first thing he went for were the books. I am crazy for books! (As a former librarian should be right?) Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I so enjoyed walking today as well. We'll miss you tomorrow!

Abby said...

Love the cars in his hands! So cute!! That is totally something Troy does, he would LOVE JackJack's shirt too.."iqueem and mater" :)

I'm glad he was excited for school and that you got to spend your much need "you time" exercising!:)

Jill said...

He looks so cute in these pictures!

Woohoo for having all 4 kids in school! I hope you're able to enjoy the time alone, even though it's short.

Cara said...

I wish it was that easy for us over here!! His such a cutie♥

Dad said...

The little man is indeed looking so grown up... in fact all the kids are so growing up. It's so amazing how fast it happens! Hope everyone has a great school year, and you get a little good "me" time.

Caity said...

So cute! I can't believe he's already losing his teeth! Wow! Does that mean Emma is going to start losing her teeth soon? Weird. I'm glad it went so well!

Angie said...

What a big boy!! And wow, what are you going to do with all that time in the mornings!!! Exercise with church friends sounds fun, wish I were there!