Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today is the day that Greg was committed- January 24, 1991.

For those of you keeping track that is exactly one week from our first date. Something I didn't mention about that night was that Greg told me the longest relationship he'd ever been in lasted 1 month and he cheated on her 4 times! After learning that news, I knew not to get my hopes up with this one. I made it clear that just because we'd had a great first date- and had already kissed (which usually signified a commitment to me)- that we were not exclusive. I'm sure in Greg's mind, that meant he was free to date all the hot ladies he could find. This also meant in his mind that if a guy asked me out, I might say yes all the while thinking, "Well, Greg wouldn't mind so I guess I can go."

I also gathered from our conversations over that first week that apparently he was used to girls just fawning all over him, telling him how great he was, and that he could have just about any girl he'd ever wanted.

SO... Here's what happened. Greg had an assignment from a class to go to the Symphony and made a date with a girl from his class. He told me about that and then I told him that I'd made a date for that same night with another guy. I went out of my way and asked a guy out! He was not expecting that! (and not too happy about that!)

The night of our dates arrived- exactly a week after our first date. He went to the Symphony, I spent time with the other guy. When I returned home, there was a message from Greg. He wanted to see me. I went on up to his apartment to find a boy who was a bit nervous, but telling me how much he wanted to be with me- only me. He wasn't used to a girl who he had to chase, a girl who didn't act all ga-ga over him all the time, who kind of put him in his place when need be, who asked other guys out! :) I drilled him- if there was ANY chance he thought he might want to go out with anyone else, then don't make this commitment to me. I was totally fine dating him and other guys too. He absolutely promised that I was the only one for him and wanted to be the only one for me. So that was that. He's the last guy I ever had a first date with and my last "first kiss". He was (and still is) committed to me and I couldn't be happier about that.

SIDE NOTE: I have to add that I really don't know that this is interesting to anyone but me... and I'm not writing my memories assuming that everyone wants to know. It's just that while I've told these stories many, many times when asked, I don't think I have them recorded anywhere. These kinds of posts I hope to do often as part of my "Remember" for the year... record a personal and family history.


Leanne said...

Sweet post Nik. I like hearing other people's, "love stories". But I do have to say your first line threw me off. I thought you had committed your hubby to an institution or something! HAHA

Sunny said...

Way to go Nik! We all learned to "leave them wanting" didn't we! I had another date while dating Derek and Holly was dating a couple of people while dating Nathan! :) We learned well, Mom. :)

Garrick said...

Thanks Bok. I love that you blog, these are great memories and I'm glad they're recorded. I still can't believe you married me :)

Jill said...

You are wise to write these stories down.

Holly said...

You are such a hottie Nik- what can I say?? You had him at HELLO! :) Great story. Keep writing memories!