Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Update

The kids edition...
cried and carried on again while I tried to take him to Sunbeams... BUT about a minute and a half after I left, he quit. He actually participated in class and was very excited to be there! "Sister Jo" was very resourceful- after getting approval from the Stake Primary Presidency she used Blue (from Blue's Clues) to help teach. Their lesson was about bodies and she had a little matching game matching Blue's head with her body in different costumes. You know that got Jack Jack's attention. Can't miss with Blue's Clues and a matching activity. YEA! We are all very excited and hope this happiness trend continues! Maybe next week out little drama king can just start out happy. By the way isn't he so cute in the new Lakers gear Greg got for him?!

has been begging me for weeks to make this Cheesy Vegetable Snowman recipe from The Friend magazine- January 2008. Finally I made his wish come true tonight for dinner. It took a long time to make and I think he ate about 4 very small bites (he doesn't like cauliflower & Swiss cheese), but it sure made him so happy. It was worth the 45 minutes it took to make to please him. (And he ate 4 more bites of cauliflower than he would have otherwise!)

put her creative skills to work today. She created this little cardboard house which especially made Jackson's day. :) Stay tuned for some gymnastics footage of her in a couple of weeks as she has her Winter Show coming up. We're excited to see what she can do now.

is so grown up! Look at her in this new dress today. She is pleased to announce that this was purchased at The Gap- NOT Gap Kids! Yikes! She's moving on to women's sizes. Still can't believe she'll be 12 this year. This week she had a very hard game against a very strong team. We wish she had a better team to support her. She was all over that court trying to play the whole team herself. At one point her coach got on the team's case saying, "They are putting their best girl on Jillie because she's our best player. You need to get out there and help her!" Jillie was pleased to know she was the best on the team, but was more worried that the other girls might not like her now that that coach said that. Anyhow, like I said this was a tough team and she ran back and forth down that court faster than I've ever seen trying to defend every play. She was disappointed with the score, but we took her to Friendly's for dinner to celebrate her hard work.
The next day she stayed home from school. She was exhausted and her stomach hurt. She rested all day. That game really knocked her out. We're so proud of her though!


Sunny said...

OH MY GOODNESS...your kids are so creative! And Jillie looks SOOOO grown up. I remember when you were BORN Jillie! My goodness how time flies. Jillie, you're beautiful! And a fabulous basketball player to boot! I can't wait to see Reagan's gymnastics show. And YEA Jackson! See Primary is fun! Kobe, good job eating the stuff you didn't think you may find you like it more next time. Take it from a picky eater...branch out! I'm glad you didn't go to bed STARVING anyway! :)

Jill said...

Hey Nikki, I'm stopping by and looking to get to know you again after so many years (one of the beauties of blogging eh?).

I'm so impressed with your son's Sunbeam teacher. I'm currently planning a teacher inservice for the primary teachers am focusing on the importance of loving the kids and teaching to their needs, so this post is a good example of a teacher doing that.

Pam said...

Wow! How these kids are growing. I like that they find things to occupy themselves. I have to say, I didn't recognize Jackson in the Lakers outfit. When I glanced at the pic, I thought it was Kobe. And way to go Kobe-trying a new food. You just might get surprised. Jillie-what can I say? We should start calling her Jill or Jillienne since she is getting so grown up looking. Watch out, there may be some clothes moving from closets between Jillie & her Mom. Can't wait to see your show, Reagan.

Angie said...

Ahhh, this made me miss your kids!! I'm keeping track of your post on how to raise kids, because if Owen turns out like any of them it would be fantastic! Well... maybe without the drama king part at nursery!!! I don't know if every ward has a Jo!

Holly said...

awww!! I miss you guys! Good work Jillie! I knew Jackson would catch on quick to primary. Reagan- we will be waiting to see the gymnastics show, and good work for trying new foods Kobe. You are a good example!