Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random news from the OP

What great weather we've had here in the OP the past couple of days! Two days of record breaking highs- 65 degrees in January? In Buffalo?! Makes you just want to be outside or open windows. The kids have been really enjoying- just hanging out outside feels good.
Can't say that I really need the snow back- although we didn't get much chance to get out and play in it when we had it. Since this is Buffalo... I'm sure it'll be back.
I appreciated being able to take down Christmas lights in warm weather. Although look what I found out there trying to come up--- tulips! Uh-oh!
In other plant news, my dilemma over the very healthy poinsettias in my house.
I have this problem every year. The flower was meant to be a Christmas decoration & that time has passed. I don't want them anymore, but I feel too guilty killing them on purpose -by either throwing them away or not watering til they die. (hmmm... I feel the same about the 3 little fish swimming in the bowl in the kitchen.)
What should I do (about these plants)??
In family news... in Family Home Evening this week, we talked a little about setting goals for 2008. The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity for reflection. A time to evaluate what we've done to improve ourselves (or haven't done!) and making a plan to do more this year. This promises to be an exciting year. Jillie turns 12 this summer and will go to Young Women's (teenage girls church group)- Girls Camp and all! Reagan turns 10 and will be our family's senior member of Primary (children's church group). Kobe will be 7 and the count down to baptism at age 8 will begin! Jackson's just started Primary... lots of fun stuff this year. I hope we rise to the challenge of an older/wiser/more mature family. :) Let's hope! So- we have some family goals set and some individual goals as well. I started some charts for the kids to track their progress over the coming months.

{click to enlarge}
I hope this works. I hope this helps us to "remember" the things we need to do to improve ourselves- and to become more like our Savior.
This just in!!
On some blogs I visit like Kristi and Jill and many others in their circle, the bloggers are choosing a word for the year. A word that maybe encompasses a lot of the things they want to improve about themselves in the new year. I've thought about this a little, but hadn't come up with anything. It hit me just now that maybe "Remember" could be my word this year. I'll have to think on that.

Anyhow, that's the news for now from the OP!


Garrick said...

I can kill the poinsettia's for you :)

Rachel said...

I LOVE that quote from Gordon B. Hinckley at the top of your blog, Nikki! It's perfect.

I feel the same way about poinsettias. For that reason, I didn't even get any this year!

Awesome FHE goals, too. My kids (4,3 and 1) are just starting to REALLY get into their FHE responsibilities and they look forward to it all week.

Hope you don't mind me popping in since I don't really *know* you. But if you're anything like your sister, I should only be so lucky!

dad said...

I think I like that word for the year. I think we could all use that word, this year and ever after.
(Have you been to the "Small Plates" recently?)

Sunny said...

Nik! I'm in favor of putting wooden heart picks in your poinsettia plants and make them love flowers! :) I'm not one to talk though my poinsettia is dying in front of me as we speak. I can only keep so many things alive at once and Hyrum and Derek come first. Some of my other plants are suffering too.I could stand a reduction. Oh and don't worry about your tulips unless they have a bloom on them they can take it. The leaves just may be a little beaten up. Oh and I love your family's goals for the year. I've taken Jeannie's lead and done a letter themed year. My letter is "C".

Angie said...

65 degrees in OP!!! That sounds so wonderful. I'm glad your kids are getting out and enjoying it! I think Remember is an excellent word for the year. Like REMEMBER your friends that moved to MI!!!

Nikki said...

How could I possibly forget you guys?! :)

Garrick said...

Angie who? :)

ryan and laura said...

how in the world is it so warm in buffalo....we leave and summer starts! ryan and I are laughing out loud at greg's comment - ryan would totally volunteer to kill all my plants - I always feel badly throwing them away. maybe you could do pink for valentines or something :)