Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mommy worries

Winter has returned to the OP. I think we probably got more than 6 inches at our house. It's so pretty. I love when the snow clings to every branch of every tree. One school in the area had a snow day, but not us. Rumor has it that since the schools were starting the New York State English Language Assessment testing today, they didn't cancel school when they may have otherwise. Kind of strange I think. Driving conditions were a bit crazy this morning- low visibility and slippery roads. The kids thought fishtailing around corners was great fun- me, not so much. Luckily there were no cars near when we did a really big one of those.

I've noticed lately how much Jackson just LOVES me lately. He can't seem to get enough of me. Now I really shouldn't complain about that, but I'm worried about his separation anxiety issues. He wants me to play with him all the time, he wants me next to him always, he wants to hug me and kiss me and tackle me, etc... He's so happy and so full of love these days. It's great. We used to have to beg for hugs. BUT- this worries me too. Is he wanting to be with me more because of the whole leaving him screaming in Primary thing? This is the time when I want him to start becoming a little more independent and the opposite seems to be happening. I just hope that the screaming in Primary thing is temporary- and the clinging to me. The hugs and kisses can stay. :)

{This is Jack Jack breaking into song for no apparent reason last night as he is happy to be up late with Mommy (after midnight)! }

I'm also concerned because in May we are going here- {St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands}

one of the perks of Greg being VP. We arrive there on our 16th anniversary! (Perfect timing!) Only 2 times in all those years have we spent the night away from the kids- and that was 1 night, not 4! I really need Jackson to be prepared for this!! I'm excited to go (it's about time we take a childless vacation!), just nervous about him- and what he'll put my parents through!

I need to REMEMBER though, that while I'm in a hurry for everyone to grow up more so I can get back a little independence, this time is fleeting. Sooner than I imagine they will all be off doing their own thing and I will want to be needed again. Oh my goodness, that just made me cry. Oh boy...

Anyhow- Holly's off to UT today (totally by herself!) and gets to spend time with Sunny- so I'm jealous! One of these days we'll have to do a sisters vacation all together. Anyone who reads Holly's blog- just know that she's on a little blogging vacation, but look for news of her trip sometime next week. Right, Holly??


Garrick said...

Jackson for sure is different than our other three kids. We're going to have to go on more dates the next three months to help him with his separation anxiety.

Nikki said...


dad said...

That would be good for Jack-Jack, I think... and good for us too :)
(No question about "good for you")

dad said...

Mom says, he's probably used to wanting to have a playmate (in the socialializing stage) and since the kids are all gone during the day... what's it like when they are home? Are there other Mom's with kids that age that are experiencing the same thing, and could a play group be arranged?

ryan and laura said...

you are going to LOVE a couple days vacation! Ryan and I very rarely leave our kids but it's so nice the couple nights that we do get away! enjoy!

Nikki said...

He is SO excited when the kids come home- and usually I can pawn him off on them for a while, but it depends. I guess there are a couple of girls at church who are a little younger than him, but might be able to play together. I feel bad though that sometimes he can be a real bully with other kids- not alot, but when he does, it makes me so upset.