Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, really more of a wind day. We woke up last night from some pretty fierce winds beating on our house. At some points I wondered if we might lose our big window over the front door... the winds were so strong! (60 mph gusts!) Kobe of course woke up and come to our bed for protection. Poor boy is still so afraid of wind after his accident almost 2 years ago. By about 5am the rain and hail that was beating down our door changed into snow and white out conditions. We watched the news til 5:45am when they announced school was closed. I turned off all the alarm clocks and went back to sleep. I always appreciate a day to sleep in! :) Greg still ventured out to work. The worst of the weather seems to be down here in the "Southtowns" and his office is in the "Northtowns".
Today we are staying in (at noon the windchill is still -3*) and enjoying the fact that we still have power when many in the OP do not today. I can not imagine how different today would be if we had no power or water like others in the area. (note to us: we really need to think about a generator!) Instead of survival mode we're in cozy-stay-in-our-jammies-half-of-the-day mode.
We did have a fun outdoor snow day on MLK Day last week- no work and no school and a recent heavy snowfall meant finally we could all go sledding together.

This was Jackson's first time on the BIG hill. So much fun! I tried to record his face while we sled down, but holding the camera in one hand and him in the other and turning around half way down the hill, I didn't capture much. Here is also video of Greg sledding down (or across) the hill, Kobe speeding down on his new Christmas sled, and then the girls making the best of a backward slide down the hill. Good times!


Sunny said...

Looks like so much fun, Nik! we want to come next time. I don't remember the last time i went sledding!

Nikki said...

Come on over! We've got a great hill for it! Although I'm sure you can find better ones in UT! :)

dad said...

I prefer flying kites in the summer at that location =)
Glad you had the occasion for family fun. You all seemed to be enjoying it. Time together, a blessing.

Holly said...

It seems like Greg has always been a "sledder." I am impressed with that due to the fact that he grew up without snow... :) Looks like you guys had a great time and congrats to Jackson on his first ride on the big hill! Now you just need to strap on a few snowboards and take a snowboarding trip with us! :)