Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sharing Time

This Jenga game has been sitting here by the computer for a few days... looking at me... saying, "Don't put me away yet- Share me!" {By the way, yes, all of our games have rubber bands around them otherwise Jackson dumps them all over the floor!} I rarely have an original creative idea, but I LOVE to copy everyone else's ideas- and sometimes tweak them to my needs. This idea came from Holly, but was the brain child of Leanne. I used this game of Jenga at a Young Women (teenage girls) activity. We made homemade pizzas and played this as a get to know you game- for our new Beehives (12 yr olds) to get to know the older girls. Each Jenga piece has a question on each side. {Printed up questions, cut them out and taped them to the blocks.} As you pull out a block, you have to answer the questions on it. It was really fun- and really interesting to sit back and listen. Some of the questions are:
*Do you wish upon stars?
*Do you close your eyes while on a roller coaster?
*What would you put in your own time capsule?
*When was the last time you ate chocolate?
*Where was your favorite Youth Conference?
*Are you scared of animals? Which ones?
*Gummy bears or gummy worms?
*Do you have any birthmarks? Where?
*Do you always wear your seatbelt?
*At what age do you think you will marry?
*When was the last time you hugged your parent or sibling?
*Did you see any Church movies lately? What is your favorite?
*Are you planning to go to college? Where? Have you decided on a career?
*Have you ever been to Utah? Did you go to a Temple, Visitor Center, Tabernacle?
You get the idea. My kids enjoy this game too. Now that I'm not in Young Womens anymore I should take some off that are more geared for that age group, and make up some more general questions for kids or adults. I suppose this would be fun for a small Relief Society Enrichment Group too (which is my calling now.) Anyhow, thanks Leanne for the inspiration! Great fun!

Now, for a depressing bit of information.

To work off just one small plain M&M you would need to walk the length of a football field AND back!



Holly said...

YEa!! So- are you m aking a template so everyone that wants to can just click the link and make their own? It is such a good idea, thanks for posting it! :)

Nikki said...

I think Leanne should do that & submit it to Sugardoodle since it's her idea! :) Ok, Leanne?

Shan said...

I love that idea! I wish I had known about it when I was in YW! A fun idea for FHE though...definitely needs to go on Sugardoodle!

Sunny said...

ONE M&M? Really? You're kidding right? That's crazy! I need to start walking every morning again I guess! It just keeps snowing though! GREAT idea, Nik! A good portion of a good idea is in the application! I might need to do that for a class activity!

dad said...

Many a great artist has been inspired to greatness by launching from another's idea. (I do it all the time!) =)

Leanne said...

All that way for one M&M?????????! Ugh.

You'll never guess what I actually was munching on as I read this post! I about fell off my chair. I am eating plain ones, but I wonder what a peanut one would be? Ouch. I've had way more than one M&M tonight! Good thing I'm getting back on track with "Walking Away The Pounds" this week at the church.

I'm really glad that you used the Jenga idea. I hope your girls enjoyed it too and had fun.

I enjoyed coming up with the questions. But I do have to say, that I got the actual idea from someone else on the internet that had done it with her Activity Day girls. I just made some of my own questions to adapt it. I bet someone already beat me to submitting on Sugardoodle, but I'll research it. If it's not there, I'll submit it, but giving some of the credit to that other lady out there of course.

Jill said...

This is a great activity idea, you should post it on

I could have continued living happily without the m&m information.

Leanne said...

Well, I just checked Sugar Doodle. The Jenga idea is there under the Activity Days section. You can copy and paste this link to get there:

Guess I had forgotten where I got the idea from! Figures. Sugar Doodle has everything!

But I did add plenty of questions that relate better to just the young women. If anyone would like a copy of my questions, let me know and I can mail them out to you or somehow figure out how to do a pdf file for you. I have them to scale so you just have to cut them out and glue them on the Jenga pieces.