Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Family

A few random photos of my family...

My handsome and successful husband
who loves me "desperately. " (Holly's word)

Our 11 year old Jillie who is growing up so fast
and enjoys that fact.
A leader, singer, public speaker, basketball star, etc...
She's developed so many talents.
It's exciting to see her reap the rewards of her hard work.

Reagan, our easy going 9 year old singer, star gymnast, and recent cellist.

We've realized lately just how quietly confident
she has become. It's amazing to us.

Kobe, our cool 6 year old and Mr. Popularity..

who loves to create, who NEEDS to create.

an example:
He sees some plastic spoons and knives and
within in minutes it is an airplane- complete with teddy bear pilot.

And finally...
Jack Jack, our mischevious 3 year old
and lover of technology- especially cameras!


Leanne said...

Wow.....you have your own mini-me in Jillie huh?!

Beautiful and talented kids Nik!

Sunny said...

Dang Nik! Your kids are really beautiful! We really do make 'em cute in our family! Great to see another post. Keep em coming! Who took the black and whites?

Nikki said...

Yes, I've heard she's a mini- me... also heard she's a mini Holly.
Sun, I took the pictures.

Sunny said...

Wow Nik! Why can't I be an incredible photographer like the rest of my family?

Pam said...

I love the pictures and your descriptions of each person. You forgot to mention the perfect mom. You are wonderful & now you have your own blog to boot!

dad said...

Love your pictures (not just because they are of some of my grandkids =) ). I especially like the angle and lighting of the one with you and Jack Jack. And I love Kobe's creativity. He really is amazing.
Yes, my grandkids are great!!

Angie said...

What... I don't check my blog for a few days and suddenly you've become a blogger?! How exciting! Fantastic photos. You really do a great job and of course your kids are beautiful!