Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Music Part 2

The Christmas season in full swing.
SO many thoughts, so little time to record them.
For now I'll just post the highlight of our week...
especially for the grandparents.

Three Christmas choir concerts!

Now picture me standing in the back of the room with a video camera in one hand and a digital camera in the other taping the same song with both.
(Recording the whole concert on the video camera so the kids can rewatch later. The digital camera in the other hand to take some video clips for blogging. I guess I should learn if I can put video from the recorder on the computer.)

Reagan's Concerto Singers concert was first...
(She's the cute blond in the front row with her hair pulled back .)

Then Jillie's 6th grade chorus class concert... Not great footage. I had Jack Jack hanging over my arm to see through the screen too. (Jillie is the smiley one on the end of the row)

And finally today Jillie's B-Sharp Singers concert... (in red, behind the Santa hat!)


dad said...

oohhh! That's so sweet, I so wish we could be there. Thanks for the sharing! Technology, what would we grandparents do without it these days. At least it's something... nothing like being there, of course. Great Job, Girls! It looked like so much fun.
Nik you need a tripod. And a camera for Jack Jack so he can do his own thing while you do yours. =)

Sunny said...

Hyrum LOVED the concerts! He was dancing to the music! Kicking his little feet and flapping his little arms. Those are some of the best children's Christmas concerts I've EVER heard! You girls did GREAT! Reagan you've got some moves! And HARMONY Jillie! That's awesome!

Nikki said...

From Grandma Pam--
Thank you. I was excited to see this, then sad. How I wish everyone lived within reasonable driving time from us so we could attend these special events. I appreciate the technology. It helps, but I have smuggies all over the monitor, trying to stroke a sweet face. How much I miss you. Give everyone a hug for me.

Holly said...

Yea kids!! I love that your choirs have such fun songs. You guys did so great. Jaleigh wanted to watch them again and again. Nik- scary that you started the post at 1:34am, but I'm glad you posted it. Maybe you'll have time today to blog about being snowed in? :)