Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've been hit by the blahs of January/February winter.

Cold, gray days. Nothing real pressing going on. Mixing up my days and nights. Not at all motivated. Part of my sleepiness is probably due to Jackson getting up almost every night this year so far. About 2 am he barges in (yes, there is a dent in the wall behind my bedroom door because of the way he bursts into the room). Sometimes I was already asleep. Sometimes it was my reminder that I needed to go to sleep.
He takes me back to his bed, pulls me down to lay down next to him, wraps both arms around my neck and holds me very tight until I give up and fall asleep. Can't get too upset about being loved and needed that much I suppose. :)
(Speaking of Jackson and gray days... We've been pretty sunny this week.  Whenever Jackson is near a window or in the car he starts screaming in pain, "my eyes hurt!!" or "turn it off!!".  That's how gray we've been. )

Things are kind of slow these days compared to the rush and busy- ness of the holidays. In the days and weeks ahead things will be picking up around here. We have lots of exciting things on the horizon and the calendar is filling up fast. Disney World, taking the girls to David Archuletta, Kobe's 8th birthday and baptism, school musical performances, Greg's 40th birthday (that's a big one and I'm totally blank as to what to do for/ get for his birthday!!), a vacation for just the two of us, and on, and on, and on... Stay tuned. :)

So this post is a bit of a blogging warm up for me. I need to get back in it because there's going to be a lot to record soon. For now though I intend to play a little catch up and finish up some posts hanging around in my "edit posts" about our New Years festivities with my family visiting. Wish me luck. :)


Jill said...

I think everyone who lives in a winter climate gets the blahs in January and February, it's just a gray time of year.

At least you have all kinds of fun things to look forward to, I have no such plans on my horizon.

staci-d said...

Good thing February is a shorter month. It's always nice to be able to vent about blah days, somehow it always makes life seem a little better to get it out. It seems that you have a busy year ahead of you! How fun to have those things to look forward to!

Take Care :)

Greg Garrick said...
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Greg Garrick said...

It has been cold, but to me it seems like it has been a very busy month -- I hardly see you.

Andrea said...

Jackson is just the sweetest kid. Try to enjoy the slow times. Read a book or daydream about Disney World. I wish we could get some snow. Aidan wakes up every day and "It's a perfect day." And most of the time he is right. Nice and sunny.

ryan and laura said...

gotta love buffalo in january and february...we've never actually been there but I hear it's really cold and not that great. sounds like you have a lot of fun trips and things coming up so at least you have something good to look forward to. hang in there!!

DeLaina said...

Nikki-what a beautiful family you have. Hang in there with those nasty winters. Spring will be here before you know it, especially with how busy you seem to be!