Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hawaii: Day 3

OK, so back to Hawaii. After talking with the concierge at our hotel we made some sight seeing plans. On our 3rd day we caught a tour bus to the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). I don't know how typical the tour was, but we seemed to luck out. Our tour guide drove us the long way to the PCC and had lots of information to share along the way. We learned things about the Pearl Harbor attacks, Hawaiian traditions, how to grow a pineapple, where the cast of Lost films and where they eat out, where Elvis lived on the island, and why the turtles come on the beach at a specific time each day at Turtle Bay (because that's when the sharks come close to the shore).

He also made a surprise stop at the Dole Plantation. We were pleasantly surprised since we knew this was the only other place beside Disneyland and Disney World to get a Dole Whip. YUM! :)
On our way in we were persuaded by a jewelers kiosk offer to open an oyster. We cracked one open to find a nice pearl.

Before I knew it Greg bought me a setting for it and now I have a beautiful new pearl necklace.

She also gave us another oyster to open as a freebie. That one had 2 pearls in it, so we brought those home for the girls. Anyhow, as we left Dole, our driver gave us each a pineapple and took us to our next stop... this odd building... which houses the North Shore Soap Factory.

Our guide also let us stop at a couple of North Shore beaches along the way, particularly ones that are famous for surfing competitions.

Eventually we arrived at the PCC where our guide decided that he would be our guide at the PCC as well (even though the BYU-Hawaii students are supposed to do that.) He took us around, explained the Polynesian culture, gave us mini horticulture lessons telling us which plants the natives use for various health conditions and even bought us some yummy snacks.

This coconut roll was yummy. Really just a dinner roll with some sweet coconut glaze, but tasty.  And then there was this refreshing, delicious dessert- watermelon and banana ice cream-sorbet-type-stuff (yes, that's what they called it) on top of sliced peaches and melons.
We saw a parade on rafts representing the different islands of Polynesia...

We traveled around to all the different islands represented, listened to their music, learned their dances and games, enjoyed their traditions and laughed so hard at the presentation about Samoa.  Cracked. Us. Up.  

By the way... lots of BYU-Hawaii students  in native attire.  I assume the dress code on campus is more strict! :)
We did take a little break and went next door to the BYU-Hawaii campus.  
The Aloha Center is the Hawaiian version of the Wilkinson Center at Provo.  You know we had to go to their (mini) bookstore for souvenirs.  The big problem is that BYU Hawaii's color is RED, not unlike BYU Provo's biggest rival- the Utes.  We managed to get shirts for everyone with as little red as possible. :)

Back at the PCC we enjoyed a nice meal at the Luau.  We had great seats right next to the stage. We ate delicious food- check out the purple tarot rolls.
We watched a nice luau show complete with young children dancing, sang happy birthday to Greg when they asked everyone who was celebrating a birthday in May to stand, and we even got a chance to dance on stage.  They asked everyone who was celebrating an anniversary to come dance on stage while we were serenaded.  (The couple sitting next to us took the picture.)
We finished up our day there with the Evening Show which is an exhibition of dances from all over Polynesia including the Haka which originated in New Zealand (the BYU Football players do before each game) and some exciting fireknife dancing.

It was another great day!  
Maybe in another month I write more about the trip... or sooner I hope!


The Stone Family Established 1998 said...

Wow Nikki! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! So fun! I think I'm going to share all of your posts about Hawaii to convince my husband that we definitely need to go. I'm so glad that you guys got to get away for a little while. Can't wait to see more pics of your romantic adventure! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Sunny said...

YEA!! A new post! Fun fun fun! Write some more. I'm glad someone took a picture of you on stage! Memories! How lucky that you found THREE pearls! Wow!

Jill said...

I'm cracking about your comment about wishing you'd been in Hawaii as long as your blog has, ha, ha.

Did you everyone give the tour guide big tips or what? It sounds like he went all out for you guys.

I never knew BYU Hawaii's color was red, that's definitely a conflict of interest for the true blue types!

Leanne said...

You were able to live my dream! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but Rick just isn't into it. He told me just recently that he would take me eventually. I hope he decides to do this before I get Alzheimers!

Thanks for sharing the awesome trip details. So much fun!

Holly said...

Hurray!! You continued your post! It looks like so much fun. There was a lady at Saroya's Activity Day Camp that is from Maui and taught us to Hula today. It was fun!

What a dreamy picture of you and Greg! :) Cute! I didn't know that BYU Hawaii uses RED for their color! What a HUGE conflict of interest! :)

GOod job on the post! Keep them coming!