Sunday, August 30, 2009


This summer has whizzed by with hardly a record kept of any of it. So sad. I intend to throw in some random posts here and there as I look back over the summer pictures. For heavens sake 3/4 of my kids celebrated birthdays and they keep reminding me that I still haven't done a birthday post for them!! I swear I'm gonna get to it.
For today, I found these pictures from a Sunday early in the summer. Couldn't resist taking a picture of Jackson saying a prayer. He LOVES family prayer these days. He's always so excited when the family kneels together in the family room before dinner.
Earlier that day at church we found our kids covered in spots as they left Primary. I believe every time they were caught smiling, singing, participating, etc. a leader would put a spot on them. Every child in Primary was proudly displaying their spots after church. They loved this idea!


Sunny said...

CUTE picture of Jackson! Hyrum has just started to say his prayers. He knows how it starts and if you start the phrase he can finish it. So fun! I've been putting stars on people who are being reverent but as soon as most are reverent then I stop. It's really random when I do it but it's amazing how FAST things quiet down. :) It also works for YW to get them to answer questions. :)

Jill said...

I love the spots idea, we may need to try that in our primary especially since we're closing in on our primary program and need everyone to be singing!

Leanne said...

Hmm...I know a primary who might just steal that spot idea!

Cute pics.

Angie said...

Perhaps we'll have to try this spots idea in our primary too! Thanks for posting about it! And seriously your kids are so darn cute!!