Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Field Trips

October was chock full of field trips.

Kobe was the first with a trip to the zoo- I didn't get to go. Somehow he had fun without me ;)
(picture from

Jackson had many outings as a part of his unit on "Community Helpers." Since his preschool is located right in the center of the village these were mostly walking trips.
Our first community helper was a chef at a local Mexican restaurant.
The kids were fascinated with the ice maker and the walk in fridge. Brrrr...
They ended their tour with chips and quesadillas. YUM! Jackson loved those!

Another day was the tour of the village and our community helpers with walk- by's to places like the post office, fire station, doctor office, dentist office, gas station, barber shop, courthouse and the pharmacy.Finally we made it the police stationfor a chance to sit in a jail cell,
learn about all the things a police officer does, how to be safe, and take a picture with him and his police car.
That trip left me with a real sense of community as we walked around looking at all the community helpers that make our town run smoothly.

One community helper, a veterinarian came to Jackson's class. I was sure to be there too since Jackson is very afraid of animals and the vet brought her dog.
The vet asked the kids who else had a dog at their house. Jackson looked at me and said, "We don't have a dog, we have a TV." Great.
Jackson got more comfortable as he saw how obedient and well behaved the dog was. He said to me, "That's a good dog!! He's like a boy- a good boy like me!"
He still didn't want to be anywhere near the dog, but at least he didn't run out of the room screaming- which was a real possibility!

Next it was off to Zittels to learn about what farmers do for us
and have some fun too.

Finally the last Community Helper outing was to the Fire Station. Jackson was initially very nervous about this one. I think he thought there would be actual fire at the fire station. Once we were there he was very happy though.
(Gotta love the OP Quaker man logo on the side of our fire trucks)
I was very surprised that Jackson volunteered to try "Stop, Drop, and Roll" with the fire fighter
He even got in the fire truck by himself and put on the fire fighters mask too.
Good times. :)

Last but not least this month the whole family got to go on a field trip of sorts with Kobe. Kobe's teacher nominated himself for a local news channel contest called "Make Your Teacher a Celebrity Clown." The class created a video with their teacher who transformed himself into "Mr Funny Bones."
(picture from
They won! We won! Every kid in the class won tickets for their whole family to the circus and their teacher won the opportunity to perform at the circus pre-show.

Kobe (in the glasses and nose Mr. Muffoletto gave each of the students), Reagan, and Jillie with "Mr. Funny Bones."
Jackson enjoyed the entire circus the most. I caught the rest of the family looking pretty bored and tired after a while. We had a nice time together though. Big thanks to the most fun teacher anywhere!

October's been a busy month... but November and December promise to even busier!!
Here we go.....


creed and tiffany said...

Holy Cow! Nikki! Looks like you've been everywhere this month! Where did you find a circus to go to? Maddie would just love that. Looks like your family had a ton of fun this month

Sunny said...

Wow! No wonder you haven't been blogging too much. You've been doing instead of writing! Jackson is SOOO HANDSOME! All of a sudden he's looking soo big! We'll need to do Skype so Hyrum can know your kids and you guys and love you all as fast as he took to mom and dad.

Leanne said...

Sounds like busy times! I can't wait for Ava to be old enough for field trips. I miss them now that the other kids are older.

Jill said...

"We don't have a dog, we have a TV."
That's hilarious!

Abby said...

I agree with Sunny, Jackson is good looking kid!!(who is growing up way too fast!!) What fun field trips, I don't know how you do it all Nikki, you are one busy Mom!!