Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pre- Christmas Exhaustion

This was a common occurrence this year (again). Going to bed at 4am, or later. Didn't even shock me this year. It almost seemed like I had permission to go to bed when I saw this on the clock. That'd give me 2-2.5 hours of sleep before the first kid gets up for school. Throw in a few bouts with a stomach bug and 2 snow days for good measure. No wonder I am tired all December. I had to laugh when I read this on fellow blogger Amanda's Facebook status:
"Amanda could've quite easily succumbed to that pre-Christmas tradition of falling asleep at the traffic lights today. " It's nice to know I'm not alone! :)

Greg says I like staying up that late. I probably do. I've decided that my adrenaline really gets pumping when the house is quiet and I can accomplish projects from start to finish- UNINTERRUPTED. Doesn't help when the quiet house part doesn't happen until late in the evening. Seems like none of the kids were in bed before 10pm most nights. With sports practices and games, Christmas concerts galore (post to follow soon),church activities, Christmas parties, and trying to fit in meals and homework... bedtimes were running behind schedule. I even scrapped any attempt at creative gifting. This is the best I could do for Reagan's teacher's gift. (I'm the room parent and collected money to get the teacher a gift. These are each gift cards to a few of her favorite places. I called her son who is Greg's friend to find out what she likes.)
The rest of the teachers just got a card with a gift card on it. Kind of lame.

I did get to feel a little creative and crafty making these nativity blocks for my Pink Christmas girl, Staci.

Other than that, I scrambled Monday night before Christmas to prepare for the kids last day of school. We had snow days on Friday, (Sunday), and Monday. Monday afternoon I realized that we had to get everything to school the next day. Got the kids friends gifts ready to go, teacher gifts, party supplies, crepes for Reagan's Heritage Festival...Then realized it was my last chance to go out child free on Tuesday while Jackson was at school so I needed to evaluate all the kids gifts for equality & see who needed to be bought for still, plan our Christmas Eve party, and prepare a shopping list for all of the last minute gifts and goodies I needed. Like all procrastinators, I work well under pressure- and I simplify better when there's no time for the perfectionist-wanna-be inside of my head.

Anyhow, the holiday has passed and overall it must have been worth it, because we had a very nice Christmas! More details of the holiday to post soon... For now I'm going to bed early. It's only 2:30am! ;)


wendi r. said...

Just READING your blog makes me tired! You do way too much! :)

Shan said...

Me too! I could never do all that you do AND stay up as late as you do. I am exhausted by 10 and then it is hard for me to wake up to get the kids ready in the morning!

Jill said...

I totally understand the allure of having the house to yourself while everyone else is asleep, but I don't know how you can function with many late nights in a row. I get sloppy after one and usually spend the next day regretting it. But sometimes it has to be done, and with all your responsibilities it seems necessary. I hope this next week is a calm one for you with some quality sleeping.

Mom said...

Hi Nikki

What a fun Christmas you had! I love reading your blog. And thank you so much for the darling Christmas card -- the picture was so so cute! Thanks for remembering me. I didn't get a Christmas letter written which I totally planned on doing - didn't even get a picture taken that I wanted to send. Please know that I love your family and admire the wonderful way you and Greg are raising your children - I'm sure Sheryl is very proud and I guarantee that Rog is as well. Happiness to all of you in the new year!


Aunt Janet

Beth Soelberg said...

Nikki - I just have a quick warning for you:

If you get too close to perfection you might get translated! Then who would create the teacher gifts, make the crepes, and even out the shopping list! :)

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!