Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Week: Nativity Edition (part 1 of 3)

There couldn't be a much worse time to sit down and write a post, but I've been dying to write about last week before I get into the Christmas blogging. This should at least get the ball rolling!

Last week (1st week of December) was a busy, busy, busy one.

Monday evenings are filled with basketball practices and games and gymnastics around here. That's all there is time for except a little homework and sadly a microwave-whatever-you-can-find dinner. (Family Home Evening has to be rescheduled for a more open evening in the week right now).

Tuesday was Relief Society Enrichment (for my whole family). I was in charge of the activity and Greg had to be in the building as our Priesthood representative, which meant the kids hung out in the Church gym. I spent a lot of time planning for this activity. We Relief Society sisters did a Nativity Craft Night. It turned out to be a very good night. We made these

and/or these

It was a fun night to just sit a chat while being creative. A good thing for the woman's soul! A few completed their projects...

Some of us just got the sanding done!

This picture of Laura's baby bump all covered in dust cracks me up! :)
Wednesday was a crazy-pull-the-house-together day preparing for my mother in law's arrival late that night. You know- really preparing! Clean the entire house, laundry clean and put away, appliances scrubbed, fridge cleaned out, grocery shopping, schedules of our usual routines, directions and instructions,... I even re-caulked our shower! Sheryl (Grammie G) flew all the way from Denver to stay with the kids for the night so Greg and I could be away. What a sacrifice she made on our behalf.
In all of my prep for the nativity activity and our night away, I think in those 3 nights I slept about 3-4 per night. I was exhausted by the time we left on our little adventure.
**more to follow in "Busy Week: 2 Countries, 3 States, 2 Days (part 2 of 3)"


ryan and laura said...

you really did a good job with the activity! my kids LOVE to stack the blocks and carry them around! no wonder I smelled sawdust for 2 days even after coming home that night and showering...I was covered!!

Andrea said...

I love the nativities. I think the little block ones are so cute. I want to come make them. Maybe I can schedule that in sometime in the next 10 years. LOL

Beth Soelberg said...

I sure hope OUR Enrichment counselor checks out this post! :) (Just kidding, Caity - I loved our last activity, by the way.)

How can the holidays be SO busy but so enjoyable at the same time? Fantastic pictures!

Jill said...

Wow, you're so busy. I hope you're remembering to eat and to sleep in-between all these activities.

The ward I'm in now doesn't do any crafty stuff, which I actually miss. It seems like there are always cool projects that I wouldn't get to do otherwise, so I like those nights.

Angie said...

I LOVE the nativities!! Those are so cute. Where did you get the idea/ pattern? Not that I would actually ever make one on my own, but I love thmem. I understand cleaning for you inlaws!!! It gets a little crazy. That makes me laugh that you even caulked the shower. I'm anxious for your next installments!!