Friday, May 22, 2009

The BIG weekend begins!- **edit**

The second weekend in May was a BIG one for us. Family started rolling in from Colorado and Michigan starting on Wednesday, May 6th. Everyone was coming to our home to celebrate
Kobe's baptism,
Mother's Day,
and Greg's 40th birthday!!

As usual I was going crazy trying to get the entire house clean & organized, grocery shopping for the masses as well as preparing for the baptism and making preparations for a trip to Hawaii Greg and I were taking the following week. I can't think of a time when I was so exhausted physically and mentally. Don't get me wrong, I was so excited to have everyone here, but I was stressing to have everything perfect before they all arrived. But then something unusual happened. I gave in. I didn't care. Our family was coming. Family. People who love me and they already know I'm not perfect. As each group arrived I felt relieved. Not only were we going to have fun with them all, but they came to help as well. I appreciate them all SO, SO much for making it a great weekend!! (I hope their visit wasn't too much of a working visit, since I really put everyone to work cooking, cleaning, shopping, watching the kids, ironing clothes, etc...)
It was such a great weekend and it flew by way too fast!
Wednesday night: Kobe had a Pack meeting for scouts. It was the... He earned his Bobcat (and some other things I can't remember) and had fun creating his own invention:Greg had to leave before the meeting was over because his mom, Sheryl, and 2 nephews, Jake and Kyle, were flying in from Colorado! House ready? No. Oh well. Let the fun begin anyway!
Thursday: I attended a "Mother's Day Tea" at Jackson's preschool. So fun to see him in that environment and see what he's been doing in class. This little song/dance (one of many) cracked me up. :)

After preschool we went home, picked up Sheryl and the boys, and headed for...

Niagara Falls!!

Jake and Kyle had to borrow their Uncle Greg's sweatshirts since it gets a little chilly at the falls.

Sheryl took the boys on the Maid of the Mist. Jackson was adamant about NOT getting on the boat so we stayed ashore.The ones who did brave the falls sure felt it. The were wind swept and soaked. So much for the blue ponchos they give you to keep you dry! We spent a little more time enjoying the signs of spring...

... then headed home since my kids were returning from school and they didn't like the thought of their cousins not being at the house when they were!

Not long after getting home, my sister and brother in law, Holly and Nathan, and their kids, Ethan, Saroya, and Jaleigh showed up at our door. They'd been driving all day from Michigan. We were up to 9 kids and 5 adults. Pizza for dinner seemed appropriate for the party atmosphere that was going on!

**Edit- I forgot to mention a little about the cousins. First of all, the cousins- although from different sides of the family and had never met before- all got along swimmingly. Literally in some cases. Once Holly's family arrived, the back yard instantly looked like a park. Kids running everywhere, playing on the playground, and splashing each other by standing next to our newly opened pool. While I was off getting the pizza somehow Kobe and Kyle ended up in the pool- fully clothed. (At least Kyle had his shoes off, Kobe didn't. :-$) I believe it was Saroya who ended up pushing the boys who were sitting on the pool edge soaking everyone around them. Those "middles" all think a like. The boys LOVED it. They all had such a good time together. :)**

After dinner we all headed off to the Middle School to hear Jillie's choir sing, as well as other school musical groups perform. We took up almost an entire row! Holly was kind enough to sit out in the hall with Jackson who for some reason refuses to go into any of the kids performances these days. (*frustrating!*)

Jillie did great. I forgot the battery to my camera though so I don't have any video footage to share this time- just a picture from Holly's camera. (Middle row, black jacket near the middle.)

Greg and Nathan left as soon as Jillie's group finished so they could get over to the church to play basketball. The rest of us took the kids home and eventually got them all to sleep in various rooms of the house.

More to come...


Caity said...

Oh my! That does sound so exhausting, but fun! I have a hard time believing that anyone had anything but a great time! I love how much you see your family. You're so right, they just cared about being with you all.

Angie said...

I love having visit and although I share your desire to have everything perfect, it's nice to know that they will love you anyway and will help with everything! I miss going to Niagara Falls!!! I'm excited to read and see everything you've been doing!

Hey, when are you coming to Michigan this summer? Do you know yet? You need to somehow come on a day when we can take you out on the boat!!! Guess that would have to be a Sat. since I need Brian!!

Shan said...

Nik- that is exhausting and I know you aren't even close to being done blogging about it all! Again thanks so much for having my boys and taking them to Niagara and Palmyra. It means so much to all of us. They had an amazing time and just loved getting to be around your family.