Thursday, May 28, 2009

The BIG weekend- Mothers and 40

"The second weekend in May was a BIG one for us. Everyone was coming to our home to celebrate Kobe's baptism,
Mother's Day,and Greg's 40th birthday!!"

Sunday- Mother's Day AND Greg's 40th Birthday!!!
Even with the Avery's headed home, we still had a lot of people to get ready for church. It took me the longest to get to church with Jackson in tow. He'd been coughing a bunch that morning due to a little cold. It's always worse when you just wake up though, so I brought him to church.

Toward the end of Sacrament Meeting Jackson started coughing really hard and started gagging on the phlegm. Instinct kicked in and I stuck my hand out under his mouth as he vomited into it. Lovely...Happy Mother's Day to me. Out of no where people were handing us tissues. Reagan grabbed a Pull Up out of the bag for me to try to wipe it all into. What a mess. Jackson was upset that his shirt was a little messy and my dress was too. Off to the restroom we went to
 wash up a little and then home to change. I figured no one would want me to bring him back to his Primary class so we got in cozy clothes and stayed home.
{Pretty tulips Sheryl got me for Mother's Day}
Dad and Greg made a YUMMY dinner for everyone.  (Yes, poor Greg had to cook for his mother, wife and mother in law even though it was his 40th Birthday today!!)  Greg grilled steaks and chicken.  Dad made a homemade salad dressing and low(-er) fat version of fettuccine alfredo.  (Some recipes he learned to make in a cooking class we got him for his birthday.) 
{This is not a great picture of Dad, I caught him mid sentence.  I just wanted to include a picture of him creating in the kitchen.}
 There was pasta salad, green salad, potato salad, asparagus, fruit, rolls...  
It was all so good!  

After dinner we had a little present time for Greg (and the mom's too.)  Then it was time to get ready for the big  birthday present- a trip to Hawaii!!! I still had laundry to do and put away.  I had to finalize the week's schedule for my parents who were staying home with the kids. I had to pack. Busy, Busy.  

Soon it was time for us to say our goodbyes to the Colorado family.  The kids especially were bummed, not knowing when the next visit with their cousins might be. Even Kobe hugged Jake and Kyle goodbye.  (Well, it was more of a hug turned into a painful tackle... poor Scorse boys!)  Greg took Sheryl and the boys to the airport late that afternoon, only to get a call from them a little later because a flight had been cancelled. The kids cheered!  More play time! :)  This meant though that Sheryl and the boys would need to leave for the airport around 4am.  So, while I finished up packing, etc most of the night, Greg slept a bit, took them to the airport and returned to get me to catch our flight... The excitement of the BIG weekend had passed and now we got to seriously relax!


Shan said...

Your mother's day doesn't sound like it started out too well- but I'm glad it got better :) You deserved the relaxtion so much BEFORE that weekend- I can only imagine how much you needed it after!!
So sweet that Greg cooked even though it was his birthday- he's a pretty good guy :) Glad he has his priorties right ;)

Angie said...

I don't know who to feel sorriest for... Jackson or you!!! I'm glad the day turned around for you however and your dinner looks fantastic!!!

Greg Garrick said...

Bok, I'm so glad you keep this history for us. We are going to enjoy this forever.

Caity said...

Wow, that is a wild mother's day! Kids choose the perfect time to be sick, don't they? That meal sounds so delicious. Oh man, I need to just go to bed! I want to eat :)

Lori said...

Nikki, I am so glad I visited your blog....your huge weekend seemed to turn out fabulous! Congratulations on all the milestones - I need to start saving for a trip to Hawaii too....happy day!