Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crop Circles?

This is what happens when you finally get a nice fall day without rain, and you try to find some way to pry your preschooler away from the Wii and get some fresh air.
You tell him he gets to drive... like Lightning McQueen.
I hopped on the lawn mower with my Jack Jack, turned it on, hit the gas, and held on while I was driven around the yard... only taking the wheel when we were headed for the road or flower beds.

He took his job pretty seriously, but really enjoyed going in circles- hence the holding on.His technique is reminiscent of how Greg used to mow the lawn. ;)
Took at little longer to get the front yard mowed this way,
since I had to even things out when he finally tired of driving.
Good times though!


Holly said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the circles was, "Oh- Greg mowed the lawn??" :)

Second- I am totally JEALOUS that you had a nice fall day. Our fall so far STINKS! Glad you got a nice one and took advantage of it!

Third- Why are you always the cool mom?!? MAN you give me a lot to live up to. :) It looks like you and Jackson had some really great together time. I can not wait to all be toghether again at Thanksgiving. How about those dinner reservations?!?

Speaking of Dinner, how did yours turn out tonight? I am very curious!!!

Annette said...

That looks like fun. Holly is right you ARE the cool mom. It's ok, we can copy you cool-mom-ed-ness. Ü

Jill said...

What a dream for a kid to get to drive the lawn mower! That was good thinking on your part, but you're probably going to need to hide the keys now.

Sunny said...

Nik you out cool us again! I never knew that Greg mowed the lawn like that! Man I think I'm cool for letting Hyrum mow the lawn and the neighborhood sidewalks with his little mower. Guess I need to step it up. :) How fun! Can you just give me some ideas on the sly?

Manzanafam said...

Way to be creative and turn work into fun!

Caity said...

Nice job! Looks great :)

Angie said...

What a lucky little boy to get to drive like Lightning!!! I bet he LOVED that!

Leanne said...

So much FUN! Such an awesome Mom letting him mow on his own. I've never mowed a lawn in my LIFE! Go Jackson!

Dad said...

I've been known to create designs in the grass as I mowed, too!
Hurray for Jackson and mom - what great fun!!