Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Those 3 precious hours

I LOVE my kids.
I LOVE being a mom.
I LOVE and appreciate that Greg works so hard
so that I am able to be an at-home-mom.
It is a busy job. It has been 13 years since the first child became attached to my hip, and then the next one came, and the next, and the next. Thirteen years around the clock, day and night. Hardly a moment alone, unless they are asleep, but then so am I (if I'm smart).

Now that Jackson is in preschool every day of the week, I have 3 precious hours on my own each morning. They fly by, but I have been able to squeeze in some enjoyable activities lately.

Most mornings I have been walking with some good friends from church.

Marilyn, Jody, Wendy and I get to enjoy some great conversation for about an hour
AND get a little exercise. We've been loving the nice fall weather with walks around Marilyn's neighborhood. Now the weather is turning cold and wet, but thankfully everyone is committed to keeping this up. We're moving it to the mall as the cold weather hits.
Exercise and I have not been good friends, but the chance to visit with these gals makes it something I look forward to everyday.
Marilyn still has 2 not in school so they get to join us on our walks and are too cute not to picture here...
I have also been spending some of those precious 3 hours in my kids' schools. PTO Meetings, volunteering in classrooms, shelving books in the libraries, going on little field trips... all things I haven't been free to do for a few years, but make me feel helpful and happy.

Of course some days it's walking and then chores. Not the fun parts of life, but necessary, and easier to do without kids in tow. I recently was introduced by Beth to this:
It is a very cute and organized cleaning program that helps you organize your cleaning chores so that it's all do-able. It's been helpful for me to feel like I'm getting some cleaning done during those child free moments, even if it's not all done at the same time.

(***And before anyone thinks I have tons of energy or am disciplined at all- I have a confession. There are days where I come home from my walk and just eat breakfast, read blogs, and watch The View until it's time to get Jackson!)

Just think, next year I'll have the youngest in all day kindergarten and the oldest in high school. AHHH!!
But that will leave me with 5 whole precious hours a day! I might even fit in consistent-possibly daily- blogging by then! {Maybe even consistent- possibly daily- showers! } ;)


Caity said...

Yeah! I'm the first to comment! Those cleaning year-round do sound really cool! And they're cute.

Getting "alone" time is so great, huh? I love having the kids home with me, but having Em in school I'm realizing how easy it is with just two! I can't believe I thought it was hard...ever! Hahaha. It sounds like you are definitely spending your time wiser than I probably would. Can you please bottle some of your energy and send it to me?

Shan said...

Yeah for you getting some alone time!! Walking is my favorite form of exercise.I find it very therapeutic and am a much happier person when I am able to get a walk in. Makes it even better that you have fun friends to walk with!
I think I need to do that year round cleaning kit. Looks awesome

Annette said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kids, but I SO look forward to having time for me, or even uninterrupted chore time that I can listen to music or chat on the phone without having to break up fights or be quiet because the baby is sleeping. BUT I know how time goes quicker and quicker, So I just try to enjoy the now. Congrats on your precious 3 hrs-you've earned them.

Angie said...

First of all- daily showers are overrated! Second- I want to be there to go on walk with you!!!! And third- I suggest you eat breakfast, blog, and watch t.v. every day. You have 13 years worth of wasting time to make up for!! And YES, I am so excited for Deer Hunters Widow Weekend! Ellika loves to shop!!! You are more than welcome to stay at our house on the way there or back if you need to, too!

Manzanafam said...

So glad everyone want to try and keep it up. It's such a great way to start the day!

staci-d said...

HI Nikki, you have such a cute family!

How nice to finally have some day time without kids :) It's a bitter sweet thing, i look forward to that some day but at the same time i can't imagine not having a baby to tend to. Like you mentioned now you can volunteer and do other fun things. I'm happy for you!

And how nice to have a walking group! When it's a social thing, it makes it so much more enjoyable! My running group no longer exists because with the economy being bad three members in our group had to move, there husbands lost there jobs, so sad! I need to start another group!

Take care!