Saturday, October 31, 2009


Apparently Greg has been hijacking my blog with links from his site SkunkPost .
Guess I'd better get something on here from me finally!

Happy Halloween to all!
pumpkin carving late into the night

Trunk or Treat at our ward- and we brought our friends Superman (Cole), a football player (Blake), a skeleton (Connor) and cute little monkey (Braden- not pictured)
And tonight... for the real deal...
Jillie (mustard- to go with her friend Corinne who is ketchup)
Reagan (Hippie)
Kobe (Michael Jackson)
Jackson (Woody)

Strange tonight- the girls are off trick or treating with their own friends. Our friends (pictured in the trunk or treat) agreed to come over and go out with Kobe and Jackson.

So we're off to load up on the sweets out in the cold, windy, rainy night....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ribs and...ghosts?

Check out the haunted rib joint in East Aurora -- Tony Rome's

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Haunting of the Eagle house

SkunkPost - News

The Eagle House isn't just popular among the living. SkunkPoster Christie Weber goes on a haunted journey with supernatural historian and author Mason Winfield, to find out what's lurking behind the doors.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Those 3 precious hours

I LOVE my kids.
I LOVE being a mom.
I LOVE and appreciate that Greg works so hard
so that I am able to be an at-home-mom.
It is a busy job. It has been 13 years since the first child became attached to my hip, and then the next one came, and the next, and the next. Thirteen years around the clock, day and night. Hardly a moment alone, unless they are asleep, but then so am I (if I'm smart).

Now that Jackson is in preschool every day of the week, I have 3 precious hours on my own each morning. They fly by, but I have been able to squeeze in some enjoyable activities lately.

Most mornings I have been walking with some good friends from church.

Marilyn, Jody, Wendy and I get to enjoy some great conversation for about an hour
AND get a little exercise. We've been loving the nice fall weather with walks around Marilyn's neighborhood. Now the weather is turning cold and wet, but thankfully everyone is committed to keeping this up. We're moving it to the mall as the cold weather hits.
Exercise and I have not been good friends, but the chance to visit with these gals makes it something I look forward to everyday.
Marilyn still has 2 not in school so they get to join us on our walks and are too cute not to picture here...
I have also been spending some of those precious 3 hours in my kids' schools. PTO Meetings, volunteering in classrooms, shelving books in the libraries, going on little field trips... all things I haven't been free to do for a few years, but make me feel helpful and happy.

Of course some days it's walking and then chores. Not the fun parts of life, but necessary, and easier to do without kids in tow. I recently was introduced by Beth to this:
It is a very cute and organized cleaning program that helps you organize your cleaning chores so that it's all do-able. It's been helpful for me to feel like I'm getting some cleaning done during those child free moments, even if it's not all done at the same time.

(***And before anyone thinks I have tons of energy or am disciplined at all- I have a confession. There are days where I come home from my walk and just eat breakfast, read blogs, and watch The View until it's time to get Jackson!)

Just think, next year I'll have the youngest in all day kindergarten and the oldest in high school. AHHH!!
But that will leave me with 5 whole precious hours a day! I might even fit in consistent-possibly daily- blogging by then! {Maybe even consistent- possibly daily- showers! } ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crop Circles?

This is what happens when you finally get a nice fall day without rain, and you try to find some way to pry your preschooler away from the Wii and get some fresh air.
You tell him he gets to drive... like Lightning McQueen.
I hopped on the lawn mower with my Jack Jack, turned it on, hit the gas, and held on while I was driven around the yard... only taking the wheel when we were headed for the road or flower beds.

He took his job pretty seriously, but really enjoyed going in circles- hence the holding on.His technique is reminiscent of how Greg used to mow the lawn. ;)
Took at little longer to get the front yard mowed this way,
since I had to even things out when he finally tired of driving.
Good times though!