Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!

"Oh My Goodness! "
(as Jackson would say)
Jack Jack is 4 years old!

Four years ago today... Kristin came over to watch the kids, while Greg and I left for the hospital for our scheduled induction. I was so done being pregnant. So uncomfortable. SO. SO. HUGE. We got a fabulous nurse at the hospital that acknowledged that this was my 4th time going through labor and delivery... which meant that I knew best what I needed. I was very grateful for her. I know from experience that I do not dilate well until I get an epidural. The pain up until that point is pointless- and makes it all last longer than it needs to. This nurse said, "There's absolutely no reason that this needs to be painful at all. When you start feeling any, I'll exaggerate a bit for you and get that epidural put in right away." And she did and it was great. We laughed and joked through the whole labor & delivery. I remember thinking- 'I really don't want to do pregnancy again, but I could deliver a baby any day- piece of cake!' It only took a couple of pushes to get him out, but because of the cord wrapped around his neck, Jackson was blue when he came out. Greg remembers thinking, "That's it?? After all of this, the baby's just dead??" Thankfully, none of the nurses or Dr. Wolf showed any concern. They just worked their magic and he was breathing fine on his own in a few seconds- though he didn't cry. This was the first time of many to come where he's done things differently that any of our other kids!

His sisters and brother were so happy to hold him that day... and our family was complete.

{Jaleigh was born just 3 days before Jackson... you should check out Holly's post about her- it's great!}

1st Birthday- in a hotel while house hunting in NY (store bought Elmo cake)

2nd Birthday- celebrating with Jaleigh

2 yrs old- blueberry picking in MI

3rd Birthday

3 yrs old- wanting a picture in his USVI shirt that was too small from the get-go.

4th Birthday... I kind of failed him by not throwing together a friends party. He had a happy couple of days anyway though. The night before was Chuck E. Cheese...

Then on his birthday he got his favorite- Mac n cheese dinner & Mickey Mouse Birthday cake{I'm terribly disappointed in Jack Jack's cake. It was not at all like I wanted it to turn out- but due to poor planning on my part and lack of time... well, at least Jackson still liked it anyway & it tasted yummy.}

And opened lots of presents!

Jackson now...

Fan of Indiana Jones, Webkinz, computers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Hannah Montana, Herbie, Cars, watching strangers home movies from Disney parks on YouTube ...

Loves to get his picture taken.

Loves to take pictures.

Loves to look at his pictures and videos.

Says, "Look!" (actually it's "Yook!") or "Look at that!" numerous times every day.

Often asks to go to Disneyland- like we could just go on over right now.

Enjoys playing in the water- would rather play with toys in the wading pool than go in the big one still.

Has a passion for finding things that match or are "the same!"

Jackson has this dark spot on his hair that you can only see when his hair is very short.

Jackson LOVES music- singing, dancing, playing instruments,...

This is karaoke to Hannah Montana.

Kissing is his latest hobby. Grammie G got a big one last week.

He's very good at that now- probably thanks to all of the exercises Theresa's (speech therapist) done with him. He figured out how to blow out his candles this year too- he is very excited about it. We actually had to wait to light the candles until after we sang Happy Birthday because he wanted to blow them out fast!

We love our Jack Jack!!


Holly said...

What a great post!! I love the picture of him giving Grammie G a kiss. Hillarious! And the cake is AWESOME- don't be hard on yourself. He is just so adorable!

I guess I didn't remember that his cord was wrapped around his neck. How scary. It seems like we knew every detail about eachothers pregnancy going through it together, so how did I miss that?

I did't know that he has a brown spot in his hair. FUNNY!! Anyway- great post. Come QUICKLY!! Happy Birthday Jackson!

Salem said...

I think your cake looks incredible! What a cute boy!

Shan said...

Your cake is awesome Nik! Hard to believe he is 4 already- I remember coming out to Co for the blessing and Jillie's baptism. Doesn't seem that long ago! I didn't know he had a brown spot on his hair - Jake has a blonde spot that gets blonder in the summer :) But you can see his all the time.

Abby said...

Happy Late Birthday to Jack Jack! I love his karaoke picture! Must be so fun to watch him! I thought your cake was great too, but I totally know how it feels not to be statisfied with a cake when it doesn't turn out like you wanted it to. It has happened MANY times to me! :) Great post about your sweet little boy!

Angie said...

YaY!!! Happy Birthday Jack Jack!! I can't believe he was so little when you moved to NY! Wow, he's grown up to be quite the kid! I can't wait for you guys to be here is a few hours!!

Caity said...

I love you and Holly's birthday posts! What a cute kid he is! That picture of him doing karaoke makes me think "American Idol". What a great photo. He is singing his heart out isn't he? Great post!

Sunny said...

YEA! Jackson!!! Dang I didn't know he didn't like to be in the big pool! :( I should have gotten him something else. :( I kinda crashed and burned with all of your kids this year. Love the pictures!! He's such a cute kid! Happy birthday Jackson, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Nikki said...

They all like EVERYTHING you got them for their birthdays... we have just been lame about thank you notes this year. But honestly- your presents are a hit. Jackson likes to be in the big pool, but he's content to play in the wading pool. The pool toy you sent just gives him more incentive to get in the big one.

Michelle said...

I love the cake Nikki! Such a good little tribute to Jackson. It's fun learning all these cute things about him. I LOVE the picture of him kissing his Grandma! So adorable!