Tuesday, March 11, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #10


This one surprised me. I have been wishing away the snow for weeks. I am so over it. I really want sun and spring and warm. Then this weekend we got a big storm. Foot and a half of snow with bigger drifts. Saturday afternoon the whole Buffalo Stake was notified that church was cancelled for the next day. So much snow and fierce winds blowing overnight. By the next morning the snow had been neatly plowed and the sun was shining. Thankfully we had not lost power so we could sit in our cozy home and look out at the piles of snow. It began to grow on me.
I remembered how much I really do love snow- especially LOTS of it all at once. I love how it quiets the outdoors. The busy world slows down when we're all snowed in. Everything- every little branch of every tree- is covered in pure white. When the sun shines on it, it's brighter than the brightest summer day. The wind does some pretty fancy sculpting to the snow too. We have some drifts that defy gravity.

Snow really is a blessing- a beautiful part of nature. It's also a blessing that storms like this one help to restore water levels to the Great Lakes. Need that water!

OK- now spring can come. :)


Holly said...

It is true.. Snow is beautiful. It is nice to be able to appreciate it one more time to hold you over until next winter. Cool pictures too! Crazy! Saroya can't wait for "spring" so we can come swimming at your house... :)

Greg Garrick said...

Where's Disneyland?

Sunny said...

Wow! It's crazy to see so much snow when we are enjoying 56 degree weather. It really is beautiful! I'm ready for spring though too!

dad said...

I think you girls know how much I like winter these days, especially compared to summer!!! But I have to agree with your beautifully put observations of winter - conditions which, by themselves, have a certain appeal, but don't seem to happen all that much in Michigan. Maybe, now that I don't HAVE to go out in it I am less disturbed by winter.