Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random bits

My first thought when I woke up on Friday morning: Are you freakin' kidding me!?! Enough already!

This week we started (tried to start) JackJack's potty training. that's going well! This is going to be a long process...
JackJack had a friend from church- Derek- come over for 3 days this week. (Derek's mom was pretty sick). They had a fun time just being 3 year old boys together. It was interesting to me to see where Jackson should be developmentally- and what we need to be working towards. It was also interesting to me to see how well he gets along with a kid his age.

We got our new chairs from Ethan Allen this past week. What do yo think? I'm not loving them, compared to the other ones. But they'll have to do since after a year of nagging them we finally found a fabric that works OK with the rest of the colors in the room. It was such a long, drawn out process. I hope these are more durable. Unfortunately the fabric on the old ones had a defect and were falling apart.


I got some vary happy mail recently... real, official "Good Mail" from the Good Mail Queen herself- Jill. Jill and I knew each other back during the teenage years when she was Jill Maher. She and I would see each other at church stake events- Girls Camp, Youth Conference, etc. Holly (who introduced me to blogs) happened upon Jill's blog. Anyhow- Jill has started a movement called "Good Mail". It's such a positive thing. You should check out her blog. Anyhow, she sent me 2 pieces of Good Mail and as I have learned from her, you photograph your Good Mail and post it for the world to see- and especially for the sender to see you received it. Happily, she sent me a homemade thank you note for a package I'd sent to her. Then out of the blue she sent me some official Good Mail labels. A set for me and a set for the family to use since she said that it seems my kids would have artwork, etc to send in the mail. The kids have already used a bunch of these! They are Good Mail converts too.
These labels are so cute. Jill makes them herself and sells them online, so I was extra appreciative that she sent me some as a gift. I'll have to order more from her soon!


Holly said...

I am with you... enough with the snow! Hopefully it will be the last time until December!

I am glad you finally got your new chairs, but I must say that I like the old fabric better. THe new one is good and does tie in all the colors (that I can see) but the old ones were more bold and I love stripes anyway.. :)

You are soo lucky to get "official" good mail from the OG herself! I must say that I too have been driven to write more. I love knowing that the card I send for no reason, will lighten someones day. It just seems more genuine. Anyway- Hurray!!

Pam said...

How small our worlds are sometimes. Imagine after all these years to run into an old friend online. I love the Good News labels. We need more uplifting things in our lives and then acknowledge them.

BTW, the chairs just don't seem to speak to me, "Garrick". They are nice, but I agree with Holly that I preferred the stripes. We will all get used to them and learn to enjoy them.

Leanne said...

What a beautiful house Nikki! I've always wanted pillars just like yours. Maybe one day when we are finally rich, I will be able to afford them. :) I like the fabric on your chairs, but I also like your stripes. Whatever suits you is the perfect design.

Love the Good Mail idea. Cute.