Sunday, March 2, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #9

less than 4 months away from 12 years old
I feel blessed that Jillie is growing in to a mature young lady who is willing to babysit for her siblings. This week I made a hair appointment for 4pm, knowing Greg wouldn't be home until after 5pm. Jillie was very excited to be the babysitter for 1.5 hours. She did a good job and had a great attitude about it. I realized after being gone for a while that I'd forgotten about the kids- or I should say I forgot to worry about them. I think that says a lot about my confidence in her ability to take care of herself and 3 younger kids- to keep them safe and out of trouble. Exciting times ahead- and a little bits of freedom for Mommy! Thanks Jillie. I love you.


Holly said...

I can't wait to have a grown up girl! How great to have a responsible girl you can depend on. Jillie- you really are a blessing to your parents, and very soon you will be getting calls all over the neighborhood to babysit! Good practice.

Sunny said...

Hey Jillie. Can you come babysit Hyrum this Friday? You should take tips from Aunt Holly she was the babysitter extrordinaire!

Angie said...

She is so grown up! Again, I'm very sad that I'm not there to have Jillie babysit Owen... he would love her! Ahh, well we can plan on it when your visit us in Michigan!!