Monday, March 23, 2009

My Dad, Their Papa

"He gives us drawing tips."
"He likes our artwork. He hangs it up and tells us it is so good."
"He encourages us to keep drawing."
"He goes on roller coasters with me, even if doesn't really want to."
"When he was here he studied with me for my math test and I did really good on the test."
"There's so many things I love about Papa!"
"He teaches me how to draw better."
"He's really funny and nice."
"He's the best artist I've ever seen!"
"He let me and Saroya go on a ride with him and then by ourselves."

"I hug Papa and Grandma"
"He goes bowling with me."
"You wanna see my pictures?"

Happy Birthday to the most amazing grandpa a kid could ever ask for!
And to the most amazing dad a girl could ever ask for!
Love you Dad!


Shan said...

Very sweet and touching post Nik. Your dad is amazing!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

What absolutely awesome photos! Thanks for sharing :) PS, your blog layout is really neat!

Sunny said...

Awesome Nik! We love our dad and Papa! I like your birthday post idea too! :) Now Hyrum wants to bowl :) You wanna come?

Pam said...

I love the post. Nice. Your Dad loves it, too. He is certainly a keeper for these and so many more reasons.

Dad said...

I'm so pleased that I can have some good influence on others, especially my kids and grandkids. I love you all. Thank you for all being so truly awesome. (love the pictures, they're great)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man. This is so sweet. So very, very sweet.

wendi r. said...

Such a nice post, Nikki. Your kids are super lucky (and so are you!) to have a grandpa like your dad.

Angie said...

Your dad really is a great man! It's nice to know him a tiny bit. Speaking of... doesn't he need you to visit and stop by Canton on the way????

Jill said...

This was a very sweet way to recognize your dad's birthday!

Cara said...

What a wonderful post! You made me miss my Dad and if he were still alive I would have to fight you for the most amazing Grandpa/Dad award.