Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reagan's Update

Reagan's been involved in many activities lately.

*She taught Sharing Time in Primary where she encouraged all of the kids at church to be creative and draw or write a submission to the Friend magazine.

*With the Activity Day Girls (8-11 year old girls at church) she has been planning an activity day for the entire Primary.

*She continues with weekly gymnastics rec. classes. We got to stay and watch last week.

*Reagan was chosen to sing in an elementary all-county choral music festival. Really a great opportunity to sing in such a large choir with an amazing director. I'm glad both of my girls have had experiences like this. You can see in the videos how much she's enjoying herself. I'll post all 5 of her songs on her blog, but I'll put a favorite here. It is "Where the River Meets the Sea" by Paul Williams. During her last rehearsal the choir director called Paul Williams himself so he could listen to them sing his song. it was very exciting for the kids because they were told that John Denver sang this song with the Muppets before and that Mr Williams is very famous. We had to look him up when she told us, but now we know...
Recognize him?
So here's the song...

I think this one was my favorite- "Blue Skies"

P.S. You can thank me for the roller coaster-esque filming on these video clips! :)

*Reagan's been rehearsing for the 5th grade musical as well. Every year our school puts on a musical and all 5th graders are required to participate. It's a really fun chance for them to get a feel for performing on stage to see if it's something they might enjoy pursuing as they go off to middle school next year and beyond. She is a hula dancer and is singing a duet in this year's production.

*Even more rehearsals for her in orchestra. She will be playing the cello with her orchestra in a school district wide concert at the end of the month.

Most of these rehearsals happen before and during school. Some days she stays after school to either learn how to make a film in iMovie, participate in intramurals, or goes to Color Guard.(Video of Color Guard to appear on her blog soon too- Sunny.) The girl has SO many interests!

So there you have a little update on Reagan. More to follow on the other kids.

(She isn't the only one who has turned me into a taxi driver!)


Greg Garrick said...

I'm proud of Reagan and all my children -- each of them possess a tremendous amount of talent. I'm greatful I have such a wonderful wife who supports and nurtures their talents and gets them where they need to be when they need to be there.

Abby said...

I agree with Greg...you are a truly amazing Mom, Nikki! You have such well rounded, talented and awesome kids!

I think it's great they have so many wonderful opportunities!!

Jillie said...

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Beth Soelberg said...

Behind every great kid is a great parent. (Or two!)

Three cheers for Reagan! I liked the video. :)

Andrea said...

So on Sunday in Primary we had a sharing time about the different hats a mother wears. Very cute idea. Sometimes moms are chefs and nurses and taxi cab drivers. One of my kids kept protesting that his mom is none of those because she stays at home and doesn't work. That poor miss guided child. They should have used your picture in that lesson. I will refer him to your blog.

Shan said...

Rea Rea is amazing, as are all your kiddos! So talented! I wish I was around so I could attend all these fun events.

Jenn said...

That's one busy girl. Good on her!

Leanne said...

Go Reagan! How cool!

And yes, I do remember Paul Williams (I'm old ya know). I remember him working with the Muppets too!


I also think he wrote the song that Kermit sang...The Rainbow Connection. Again, I'm dating myself. I'm sooo old!

Dad said...

What can I say... Reagan is another of my amazing grandkids! Good for her! We so love our grandkids!