Monday, March 9, 2009

Preschool Pick Up

Preschool pickup this week was an adventure.

Jackson's preschool has a very small parking lot which is used by a variety of businesses. At pickup time the place is packed with minivans and SUVs. This time there was also a semi trying to maneuver it's way through the maze of cars. Since we couldn't get into our car til the truck had passed us we stood next to it, watching the big truck.

"Look at the big truck Jackson! Do you like that truck?"

"I like that big truck Momma."

I am always amazed at how the truck driver can maneuver those big rigs around tight corners and small spaces. I had total confidence this guy knew what he was doing. As I stood there. next to my car. The car he didn't request that I move.

As he attempted to make the tight corner out of the parking lot, he almost made it. Almost.

"Why did he do that Momma? Why did he break Momma's car? That's mean Momma!"

It could have been much worse. The back of his trailer hit the back of my car denting it in and ripping of part of the tail light. But Good Grief! (to borrow an expression from Charlie Brown and Jill). Now I've had to deal with police reports, insurance companies, estimates, rental cars, etc...

Just one more thing to put on the To Do list.


Shan said...

Sheesh! Like you need one more thing on your list! Glad it wasn't worse though. Good luck with that!

Leanne said...

I think it might make it worse when we actually SEE our vehicles get creamed. Ugh. Sorry Nik. What a bummer.

Caity said...

Oh man! That stinks! Not the kind of adventure anyone hopes for. Good luck with everything!

Robyn said...

So sorry for you! I know it was an accident but it's so frustrating to have to go and fix the car now and deal with it all. Ugh.