Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"We Love Mormon Boys!"

Greg bought tickets for the the girls and I to go to the David Archuletta concert this week. When we arrived we saw some Young Women from our ward in line- Anna, Jessica, and Amanda. Bless those girls for letting us join them! The line was SO long and it was SO, SO cold outside. The girls were seriously shivering.

I know it's usually not OK to bring a camera into a concert, so I didn't... but of course everyone had one there. My pictures are the lovely blurry-camera-on-the-phone pictures, but they'll give you an idea of how our evening went. :)
The girls before the concert began. The venue was a dance club so there was no seating, just a dance floor to stand on. As you can see Reagan's too short to see over the crowds. This was not going to work, so we went over to the side of the dance floor where we could step up to the lounge area. This was her view of the stage during the opening act.By the way the opening was Leslie Roy. I don't know her, but the Jillie knew one of her songs.

Anyhow, as the time drew near for David's appearance on stage, the crowds drew in nearer and Reagan couldn't see again. I put my purse on the floor, folded up my coat and put it on top of the purse, and then put Reagan on top. It worked! She got just the extra height she needed to see the stage. it's a good thing too because she didn't want to miss a second of this...

There was LOTS of this!!!!
And a few girls screaming "We love Mormon boys!!"
We were about 5 people from the stage. The girls were just in awe of being so close to him. Cute, shy Mormon boy who has a seriously beautiful voice, and put on a great show. It was so fun and I only embarrassed Jillie a few times. :)

I think one of their favorite moments was when he sang a medley of other people's songs- because of one song in particular. The last song of the medley was Jason Mraz's song, "I'm Yours". You can see it here filmed by someone who was standing behind us a little bit at the concert that night. ( I know this because we were standing right next to the lamp post that you see in the footage.)

This is a great song, but Jillie is bothered that it says the "d-word" in it. When it started, I said to Jillie, "let's see what he does when he gets to that word." Sure enough David replaced it with another word, no one even noticed but us. Jillie was just beside her self with joy. I think both girls have decided they would like to be his wife. Too bad for them Mormons don't practice polygamy. ;)

And for any David Archuleta fans out there- here is an awesome song that he hasn't even recorded yet called Zero Gravity (again recorded by someone in the crowd behind us)

It was a late night, but they were pretty excited to get up in time the next morning so they could wear these to school!


Sunny said...

That's funny! When you said that the Jason Mraz song had a swear word in it I was wracking my mind to figure out when it swore but then I realized that the way he sung it is the way I sing it so my version didn't have a swear word. It sounds like it was a great time for everyone. :) You sound a little in love too Nik :) Is he rivaling Harry? How fun for everyone!

Caity said...

Fun times! He does have a beautiful voice. You're description makes me want to go too, even though I've never been interested in concerts! Did you get a shirt too :)

Leanne said...

My Jilly and I watched your youtube links and loved it! We like Mormon boys too ;)

Abby said...

Sounds like a fun concert! Glad you enjoyed it too! :) I love the picture of the girls with their shirts, too cute!

Jill said...

It's so cute that your girls are the perfect age for loving him and his music! I'm so glad the concert was fun and that he didn't say the "D word".

Shan said...

Guess I don't know the words well enough to know there is a swear word in there! Sounds like a fun concert..reminds me of how I felt about Donny Osmond when I was younger. I was soo convinced I would marry him :)

Jillie said...

Guess What? He waved to ME!!!!! I know that to be a fact because i was the only one waving in our section and then he looked right at me (us) and waved! so that proves it!

Robyn said...