Monday, April 6, 2009

8 is Great!

Happy 8th Birthday Kobe!
1. Kobe is the coolest 8 year old boy that I know.

2. He has the best dimples.
3. He always reminds us to have family prayer.

4. He Eats. So. Much. Food. All. Day. Long.

5. His favorites this year are Star Wars/Clone Wars, Indiana Jones, collecting Disney pins, Wii, basketball, swimming, and singing & dancing to High School Musical 3 songs (just the guy songs!). He sleeps with my iPod every night listening to "Celebrate You" by Corbin Bleu.

6. I've been told by his teacher that he is very good student, an excellent writer, and a leader who by example encourages the other kids to be obedient and respectful. (He also has excellent handwriting!)
7. He is a creator of art. (See more here)8. He loves his parents, sisters (even though he can really be the "annoying little brother" some times!) and especially loves and protects his little brother.

This year he had his birthday on Saturday. We had to miss about an hour of General Conference to get the party in, but that's what happens when your birthday is April 6th! He chose to have a laser tag party. We scheduled the party at a place where Kobe had been at a friend's party before. I'd never seen it til we got there Saturday. I thought the place was kind of lame, but Kobe thought the party was great, and that's all that matters. :) He invited some friends from school and they played laser tag; had pizza, pop, and cake; opened presents; climbed the rock wall; and played arcade games. How more "boy" to you get than that?!

(waiting for laser tag)

(Reagan was the only one from our family who tried the rock wall.)

(Jillie playing arcade games)

(Kobe with his stash of arcade tickets)

The cake: Kobe went through many design changes as we planned his cake. (He's got so many creative ideas swimming around in his head sometimes!!) First he wanted a big white sheet cake from the store "like all of my friends have at their parties." (*heart breaking*) I finally convinced him to let me make it and he could design it how he wants it as usual. By bedtime the night before the party, he was still changing his plans. He knew he wanted lots of his Star Wars figures on the cake. We narrowed it down to a few of similar size and design. He chose a rectangular cake (2- 9x13's stacked), chocolate cake with blue frosting. (The good guys in Star Wars have blue light sabers.) Then he wanted the Star Wars The Clone Wars logo on the cake with something on the side like "Kobe Skywalker vs. Darth Vader." After he was asleep Greg and I decided on "KOBE-wan Kenobi". In the end I think he was happy enough with it.
For his school treat today Kobe brought cupcakes. This too was a complicated decision for him. As we stood in the cake decorating aisle at the craft store, he went through many options trying to find something that would please both the boys and the girls. Finally he requested that I make blue cupcakes with blue frosting and he wanted these little Sponge Bob sugar thingys on them with white nonpareils to look like bubbles in the water. Done.

Not too much complicated work in the birthday cake making department this year. This is probably for the best so I didn't have to miss out on too much sleep. :)

So now Kobe is 8 years old. This week he starts Cub Scouts. I think he's a little unsure about this. Greg's not a fan of scouts, so Kobe doesn't know if he's going to like it or not. I'm betting he'll have a good time with his church friends! As for his baptism... (in our Church we are baptized at 8 years old). He's waiting until May so it's easier for family to come in for it- and celebrate Greg's 40th birthday at the same time!

We're just really glad to have Kobe in our family. We are so proud of him and love him like crazy!


Beth Soelberg said...

AMAZING! My birthday is July 16 - are you available? :)

Kobe is one handsome guy. I do love his dimples! And I know adult men who can't write so neatly.

Thanks for telling us more about Kobe - a really great kid.

Sunny said...

We LOVE you Kobe!! We missed calling you on your birthday I hope you can forgive us! We're not real good with birthdays this year! I'm glad you had a great day! Good job with the cake Nik! I'm glad that he let you make it! It just wouldn't be a birthday with out a Nikki creation!

Shan said...

Such a fun post to learn more about Kobe! He and Kyle have such similar interests- Kyle too LOVES to sing and dance to HSM3- the boy songs :) His handwriting is amazing- he must take after his mom.
The cake was great and I am glad he let you make it again! Wish I was coming for the baptism!! (I am hoping that we can get Jake and Kyle there- Jake is free but gotta see about a buddy pass for Kyle.)
I think he will have fun in scouts despite Greg's thoughts. I had the same ones when Jake first went in cause it is how I grew up too. But Jake loved it and now Kyle does too.

Robyn said...

Happy BIrthday Kobe! He sounds like such a sweet and fun guy. Lots in common with my son Austin who loves Indiana Jones and all those boy things. I can't believe how NEAT Kobe's writing is. I don't think I've seen an 8 yr old write like that.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Kobe! I love everything you wrote about him! And he WILL love scouts, at least for the first few years! The cake is awesome. Owen's birthday is next month... want to make his?? He's not too picky when it comes to themes!!!

Dad said...

That's our awesome Kobe!
Creative: I love the bubble concept on the cupcakes.
Articulate: I'm impressed with his writing, and not just the form of his letters, but his ability to express himself well.
Good Looking: ya, dimples =)
Etc. Etc.
Love my grandkids!!

Pam said...

We love our Kobe Boy! He is suddenly growing up but is still the same sweet, sensitive boy-just taller. Can't wait to be with him and his siblings in May. What fun we will have with the parents out of town!!! (Will the pool be open???)