Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Break '09 Recap

Spring Break was winding up this time last week... finally getting around to posting about it!
(This has been a busy week finishing up one calling to start a new one. This week there was an Enrichment Meeting I was in charge of as a counselor in the Ward Relief Society Presidency- and now that it's done, I've been released. I have been called as Assistant Stake Camp Director and we had a big meeting this week for that as well- and I'm trying to play catch up there since meetings have been happening for a couple of months already. Anyhow- enough of that...)

So- Spring Break. We spent most of the time at home this year, relaxing & playing with friends. I relished in the lack of a schedule. The kids woke up in the mornings and snuck downstairs, trying to be as quiet as possible (except for Jackson) to allow me to sleep in. I think they knew if I got up I'd tell them to turn off the TV and computers, get ready for the day and clean a room or two. Smart kids tried to get me to sleep in as long as possible. It worked. Cleaning and organizing did not happen. We did throw in a few fun away-from-home activities so I didn't feel like a complete loser mom. ;)

Kobe's Cub Scout troop had a special tour of the local police station over break. They got to learn about how so many people get arrested for being too drunk at the Bills games, how the police practice sharp shooting in the Bills Stadium (not on game days of course), and how if someone wanted to fly a plane into the Bills Stadium, there's not much they can do to stop it. Nice. They got to look in the police car and learn that the back seats are hard plastic seats so if a criminal vomits or urinates back there, they can just hose it down. Nice. They got to stand in smelly jail cells and learn about how bad some of the people they bring in smell. Nice. The boys got to ask questions of the officer like, "Have you ever caught a terrorist?" and "How fast does your car go?" The most important thing I learned is that if a police car is traveling in front of me, he's still monitoring my speed. Gotta remember that. ;) Kobe had a good time!

On the warmest day of the week, which wasn't too warm anyway, we took a little trip to the Buffalo Zoo.
Kobe brought along his Webkinz Buffalo to visit the zoo buffaloes. There were lots of kids around when we got there, so he was a little shy to hold up his Webkinz. We snuck a quick picture though.
The zoo has a rainforest building, "Rainforest Falls", which the kids really enjoyed with waterfalls and exotic animals and birds.
Jackson fell in love with the Sea Lions for some reason. Every time they'd swim by he'd say, "Awww" , as if they were the cutest animal he's ever seen.End of the day with a snack and drink for the ride home...

We also took a couple of trips to the school playground. They got a new one this year and Kobe's been dying to try out the part that is reserved for the 3-5 grades. (He's in 2nd.) Everyone enjoyed our time there- especially Jackson who I had to carry to the car kicking and screaming when it was time to go.

The girls and I had a little adventure of our own, using a spa gift certificate Greg got me almost a year ago and was about to expire. We scheduled manicures! The girls were so excited for this and quite enjoyed the experience. After watching the pedicures nearby, Jillie is dying to try that some day. Reagan was pleased that she could get french tips.On the way home they insisted they needed haircuts, so we stopped in for those as well.

Jillie with bangs...and Reagan, short again...

It was a nice week and one that was difficult to come back from. No one wanted to go back to school. Everyone says they are ready for summer vacation. Counting down the days til June 24th. (Yes, we are in school THAT long!!)


Holly said...

Ok- we are awake at the same time WAY TOO LATE!! ;0

Never knew that cops could get your speed from behind... Weird! I guess I am going to have to arrange a visit to the local sheriff dept soon to get more info on how to get away from a speeding ticket! :) Funny questions from the boys!

JILLIE~!~!~! I can't believe how different your hair cut (and nails...) make you look! I love it! I can't wait to see it in person!

Reagan- I love your haircut on you. I am so gald that you keep it that way. Miss J will be excited to look just like you when we see you!

Kobe is funny to take his webkinz on a field trip! I am sure he liked it! What is his name?

The Buffalo Zoo looks really neat! Is it better than the John Ball zoo? We should go for a visit sometime when we are there!

Great post! I am glad at least YOU are keeping up... Now who will do their Disney World post first?? By the looks of things, my post will be titled "1 year ago..." :)


Shan said...

Fun spring break! I remember being in school until the end of June as well growing up. My kids get out the same time as yours do this year but they have the month of May off :) So looking forward to a break!!
Jillie- I love your bangs! They look amazing on you. Love the nails too.
Rea Rea- Karly was happy to see someone else with short hair like her :)You look beautiful!
What fun to get a manicure- I am dying for a pedicure now that it is flip flop season :)
Nik you sound crazy busy!!

Sunny said...

Love that Kobe is enjoying cub scouts! HILARIOUS what they learned. Did the boys just love it? Did they know that they were talking to an LDS scout group? Oh and I've been to driving school enough to know that they can monitor your speed from anywhere. Although I've only gone to driving school twice for speeding the other two were for other reasons. Nice. YEA!! That you had a Steel Magnolias moment with your girls! So fun! I say the next time we are all together again we should go spa-ing too! Did Jillie get her hair darkened too? She looks fabulous! And JUST like you. Derek thought she was you. Reagan is beautiful as always and we miss you all so much!

Andrea said...

Were they trying to make the scouts cops or terrorists?lol. I love being pampered. If only I could teach my husband to paint fingernails. I had a male boss who was great at painting the old ladies nails. Jealous of his
Love the dos! We have a rainforest at the Topeka Zoo, but the birds fly free and swoop at you. So I tend to avoid that.
Looks like a great vacation.

Angie said...

What a fun Spring Break. It looks like exactly what was needed for everyone. I love the zoo... any zoo!!! I never made it to the Buffalo Zoo, but it looks like fun. The police station was funny... I remeber going to the jail as a little kid and it creeped me out! I never wanted to go back, especially as a criminal. Hopefully it worked the same for the scouts! The haircuts are absolutely adorable!!! But your girls are always adorable! And good luck on your callings! I am still jealous that you are the camp director when I'm not there to enjoy all your hard and terrific work!!! You will be missed in R.S. though I'm sure!!

Angie said...

Oh, and when you come to Michigan again, you should plan a day or two around this area and we could go to the Henry Ford Museum and any other things you would want to see. Your kids are at a good age for it. I think they would really like it and we would love to go with you!!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Good luck with your new calling! It sounds like fun! I love your idea of spa days with your girls - it would work great with one of mine, the other little lady, hates to get her nails painted! Love the hair cuts!