Thursday, April 9, 2009


Guess who had his first day as a Cub Scout?

When he got his shirt, Kobe kept asking if that was what everyone else would be wearing, and they'd all be wearing scarves, and if they have the same book, if he needed a pocket knife, etc. So he went... a little nervously though. When he walked through the church doors one of his friends, Brett, was waiting for him with a piece of gum to welcome him to scouts. Very nice. They had fun playing soccer tonight and next week will be a trip to a police station. Not too bad. He had lots of fun. I listened in on one of the boys saying the closing prayer tonight. In it he asked that "no one would get in an accident on the way home and have their car smashed into a million pieces." Now that's a cub scout prayer! I'm glad he gets his time now to hang out with the boys, doing things that boys do, working on his scouting and Faith in God goals, and building stronger relationships with his church friends.

Oh! One more thing that I found in looking back through my files... If you need a little smile check out Kobe's version of the Napoleon Dynamite dance. It's posted on his blog.


Sunny said...

Wow! I'm glad he likes scouts so far! CRAZY!! LOVE the cub scout prayer. CLASSIC! Boys are just hard wired huh? I can't wait til Hyrum is in scouts! FUN! Before you know it you'll be sewing ( or gluing ) on those patches. Go Kobe!

Shan said...

SO cute in his uniform! If you ever need any help- you know that is my calling right now :) I love using the Faith in God goals along with it. I hope he loves it!

Robyn said...

Eight is such a fun birthday. I think the Scout thing is great for these boys. Austin loves it so I try to support it as much as I can (even though I don't love Pack meetings!)

Angie said...

He looks great in his scout uniform, scarf and all!!!

Pam said...

Oh my! Kobe is getting to be such a guy! Uniform and all! He looks great - he will probably kill the scarf since no one else is wearing it. :) Kobe, you are a wonderful young man.

Dad said...

I vote for the scarf (actually it's called a neckerchief) and it can have a lot of uses, plus you can get, or make, cool neckerchief slides, instead of the knot (at least when you get into boy scouting). Get the other boys to come up to your standard, Kobe. The uniform is to build esprit de corps.
The character building principles are world renowned.
As a scouter myself, I recommend and endorse it.
Yea, Kobe!