Monday, April 6, 2009

"Where's My Rick?"

This is the question Jackson has asked everyday since Rick (Greg's brother) came for a visit this past week.

Greg plays basketball on a league team and they were down a player- and looking to have a win. Let me explain that Greg is a good ball player. He is used to winning. He loves the game. But as age creeps up on him, he gets a little frustrated that he can't quite do everything he could in his early 20's. Now his team of nearly 40 year olds is playing against some 20 year olds. They hold their own, but Greg was looking for a big win. He needed to find a ringer. ;) So he calls his brother, Rick (who lives exactly 1540.16 miles away) and asks if he can fly him to New York to play in a game this week. Happily Rick agreed. Crazy? Yes, but anything to get these two brothers to spend some time together is a good thing in my book. They've played ball together their whole lives- along with their other 3 brothers and their dad. Basketball is a Garrick family tradition... sometimes it's the glue that keeps them together. :) After his long flight here, the first thing Rick did, before even walking into the house, was to play with the kids outside. They became instant friends with their uncle who they haven't seen in over two years! (Yes. Two whole years! Sad isn't it?)
After play time was over, we headed out for dinner at a Japanese hibachi restaurant, which was really just more fun!(Greg caught his!)(Jackson was not too happy to "get all wet" by this little guy!)
The next day the big kids went off to school and that meant Jackson got "his Rick" all to himself on a gloomy rainy day. (Actually Jillie was home sick, but Jackson was Rick's shadow for the day!) They played lots of games and read lots of books.
We did take Rick out for a little look around our area before Reagan and Kobe got home. Can't tell you how nice it was to make dinner while everyone was kept busy by their Uncle Rick.
Lots of basketball was played......with a break or two to write in chalk whenever Jackson demanded it.That night was game night. It was like a star had come to town. Greg talked up his brother's abilities on the court so much that a couple of his friends came just to watch.(Greg and Rick leave for the big game)
In the end, they played a good game, but failed to capture the win.

Morning brought sad goodbyes from all of the kids as they left for school.
After everyone was in school, I took Rick for a quick visit to Niagara Falls.

Now he has that one checked off the ol' bucket list. I enjoyed spending time with him while he was here too. It was nice to catch up a bit with him. I'm not a great hostess, but I hope he was comfortable and had as good a time as we had having him here.

Thank goodness they are planning a trip to New York this summer for a baseball tournament that his son Danny's playing in. We plan to take a little trip out there to see Danny play and visit with the whole family.

BIG THANKS to my sister in law Kristin and their kids Danny and Jewel for letting us have Rick for a few days!! (Especially since the last day was their anniversary!) See you this summer! :)


Shan said...

Rick is a good uncle for sure. Though it took a while for my kids to warm up to him (as they do with all people!) they love him now. What a sweet post Nik- love that pic of Greg and Rick so much.

Sunny said...

MAN! Rick looks so much like Roger!! I didn't realize that until seeing these pictures of him! The pictures of Rick playing basketball with Kobe are priceless. You can tell that Kobe was giving it ALL HE'S GOT!!! Fun! Miss all of you guys!

Abby said...

Fun post! Looks like JackJack has a buddy for life!