Saturday, December 5, 2009

Celebrity Sightings @Disney

On TV each Christmas morning, there is a Disney Parks Christmas Parade. While we were at Disney World the first week of December they were preparing for the show taping. Special
stages were set up near the castle.

One stage even covered the Walt Disney and Mickey statue that is in the center of the circle in front of the castle. (They covered the statue with presents and turned the base into a red glittery stage.) We knew that they would be taping on the days we were there, but had to show up each day to find out what singer would be performing each day. The first day we learned that American Idol Kris Allen would be performing. The kids opted out of that one since they knew they'd get to meet him the day after we got home.

{There was a Christmas concert in Buffalo the day after we got home and Greg took the kids. He got tickets through work which included back stage passes and a meet and greet with Kris Allen.}
Reagan and Kris Allen
Jillie and Kobe with Kris Allen

Anyway, back to Florida... The kids also opted out of Yanni, because they have no idea who Yanni is anyway!
The Jonas Brothers were slated for the next day though. Unfortunately that was the day it rained and rained and rained. They postponed the rest of the taping until after our trip was over. Kelly Ripa and Nick Cannon would have been there too to host the parade. They were a little disappointed.
But guess who we saw getting off the Jungle Cruise with her family?
Kelly Ripa! Man she is WAY. TOO. SKINNY. But they seem like a lovely family. :)

On the very rainy day we spent some time with Holly's family in the Animation Academy. Holly happened to notice a family and a film crew and then found out they were an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition family. We pulled the kids close and watched and took pictures while the family was interviewed.
Then they told them they had a surprise for them and out walked some guys. I assumed it was some of the Home Edition cast, maybe Ty Pennington was there. But then came the squeals from my girls and others near us.

They hugged the family and talked to them for a little while
and took pictures while I took pictures.
Then they left, but not before turning to the small crowd that had formed and waved. Jillie says Nick waved right at her. Reagan says that too. I laughed as Saroya just kind of made fun of how star struck my girls were. :)
After they left, a lesser celebrity came out- Mickey Mouse. The kids took a picture with him, but at least they got to stand right where the Jonas Brothers had just been.
Ethan, Jillie, Reagan, Mickey, Kobe, Saroya.

By the way, this all happened on Saroya's 9th birthday.
You can't see it well in this picture. Holly ordered her this cute Disney Birthday shirt that has a little girl in Mickey ears holding a balloon with a 9 on it.

They did not leave Disney World disappointed.


Abby said...

We watched that Parade! It was so amazing! How fun to get to see the Jonas Brothers and Kelly Ripa. :) ...and to some, Mickey Mouse is an even bigger celebrity! Troy would have gone nuts!:) What great memories you are making with your kids!

Caity said...

Um...NO! They certainly did NOT leave Disney world disappointed and I can see why! Last year was a year of celebrities sightings for your family. It all sounds super fun! I can't wait to take my kiddos to WDW.

ryan and laura said...

what a fun disney trip! looks like you all were hanging out with the popular crowd! going to miss you and all our buffalo friends....I'll have to make sure I stay caught up checking your blog!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Holly said...

OH I need to get BLOGGING!! Such great memories. IT is so true, you guys DO have a lot of celebrity sightings. What is up with that? I would have never noticed Kelly Ripa I bet. I certainly wouldn't have even KNOWN who the Jonas Brothers were! Thank goodness you guys are so sharp in detecting celebrity!

Now go to bed. :)

Amanda :-) said...

Umm, well I have the excuse of being in the UK of not knowing who those people are, but I believe you if you say they are huge, exciting celebrities! Mickey Mouse, I know. He looks great in his Sorcerer's Apprentice garb. Disney do everything to the limit, don't they? I love it. British attractions are just embarrassing by comparison.

Angie said...

I NEVER see celebrities!!!! Lucky little family!

Leanne said...

2009 sure was the year for the Garricks to meet celebrities huh? Yay! Fun! Lucky!

By the way, I got that same exact comment on my blog about my older blog posts not being as good as they are now. Hmmm....

Jill said...

Wow, that's a slew of celebrities! Your girls have gotten to meet so many teen heart throbs!

Shan said...

SO jealous! What a fun time!

Annette said...

I love the Kris Allen pics-I totally voted for him!Ü That is fun to see celebrities! It's never happened to me. I guess they're not as common in Mud Lake Idaho.

Cara said...

Now I am very, very jealous! Kris Allen, the Jonas Brothers and Mickey Mouse - not fair!