Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Days of Disney continues

(*Warning: This will be picture heavy post*) :)

Taking a vacation with my sisters and our families was really great, even if we didn't spend every minute together. Disney World requires a lot of pre-planning. You have have to decide which of the 4+ parks you want to go to on which days, considering when the extra magic hours and special attractions are scheduled. Then you have to try to make reservations for the restaurants that you want to eat in those parks. If you want to get exactly what you want you have to be like Holly and call in your meal reservations exactly 90 days before you arrive at Disney World. Holly and Sunny planned just about everything together, but Greg and I were not on top of our reservations to get meals together with them. It worked out OK though. Each family had their own things they wanted to do, but high on the list was being together for a lot of it. We saw each other as much as we could. In the end it was probably better to have some time to just our family, making sure to have some good cousin time too.

So our first ride all together was in Animal Kingdom... Kilimanjaro Safari.
(I'll label everyone in these first pictures for any long
lost cousins/friends who might like to know.)

Jackson and "Uncle Nathan" (Holly's husband)

Holly, Derek (Sunny's husband), Hyrum (Sunny's), and Sunny (who is 7 months pregnant here). I love the face Hyrum always makes when he's smiling for a picture! :)

Ethan (Holly's), Jillie, Greg

Jaleigh (Holly's), Reagan, Jackson

Saroya (Holly's) and Kobe being 8 year olds!

Waiting in lines is more fun for everyone when we spend that time researching the hidden Mickeys for that attraction.

...and finding them.
It's also just fun to hang out together
in a sharks mouth,

or on a train ride,
(Dad, are you on your phone again?!)

or laughing at the gorillas,
and visiting with characters,
or playing in the sand and zooming down slides,
or dancing with Mickey and his friends at a late night dance party complete with balloon artists,
(even if Jackson screamed and cried and tried to escape the building in fear that some Little Einstein may try to give him five or dance within 100 feet of him. Good Grief!)
or introducing the Tangrens to the excellent Three Caballeros ride in Mexico.

We even found ways to have fun on Saroya's rainy 9th birthday,
and riding buses from hotel to park to park to hotel.

We were happy to wait for Fantasmic to start so we could visit
and have glow stick light saber fights,
take sister pictures even if it is the end of a warm muggy day,
(someone's baby is going to be well fed- I'm just sayin', Sun) :)
(I guess I missed the memo that we were doing skinny faces this time...)
compare shoe sizes,
and wear matching shirts that talk! and say "Waaallleeee".

The best part is that we got to spend time together and make some wonderful memories.
Who says we do it again some day??
Thanks family for a great time!


Holly said...

Awwww!!! Such great memories!! You are inspiring me to blog.... Now if I can just find the time. I added some final pics to Snap and I think I am DONE for a while. Hurray!

Oh sunny is going to LOVE the well fed baby comment! :) Hey- if you got it... :)

OH you are just plugging along. Nathan is going to start reading YOUR blog at work now! :) Ok. I will blog. I will blog! AWESOME!

rachel said...


I can't believe that 1)Sunny is 7 months pregnant in these pics -- she looks fab! and 2)Sunny did Disney 7 months pregnant. Braver than me, for sure!

I love all the pics, Nikki! What a fun trip. Can't wait to see more!

Skunkpost said...

Nice Post Bok -- how do you find time to do it all?

Sunny said...

NIKKI!!!! I know though when I saw those pictures I was like "Why do I have to look like THAT sister!" You know the one who prefers to be called "Babbette" That's why I hate those tank tops with the built in support! UHG! And let me just tell you that he's well fed now. Especially at Disney World on the meal plan! Again...Good quality pictures...killing me! Just killing me!

Abby said...

Love it!! What fun pictures! I didn't know about the hidden Mickeys, we'll have to try to find them when we go!!

Jill said...

What in the world? Having to make restaurant reservations 90 days out, that's just crazy!

This looks like such a fun, family-filled trip. It must have been so great for all the cousins especially.

Shan said...

Awesome post and pictures! I didn't know about the hidden Mickeys either. So cool! I love the sister pics- you are all beautiful!

Lori said...

What a fun trip!!! We need a Disney fix about now....we can't wait for our December 2010 trip...I never knew about the hidden Mickey's either! You have a beautiful family - thanks for posting all of these fun pictures!

Angie said...

Looks like the funnest trip ever!!! I want to go with my family. I be the cousins all LOVED it! I would have to take you along as our tour guide!

Leanne said...

So awesome. You all made some super great memories to last a lifetime on this Disney trip! I love that it's documented. It makes me really want to spend quality time with all of my sisters!

Cara said...

We are huge Disneyland fans. I'm scared to go to Disney World because someone told me that you can't go to Disneyland after - it's THAT good! Looks like it from you pictures. I'm jealous.