Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009-Disney Style

On Thanksgiving morning we got up, watched some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, felt a little glad to not be busy making a variety of foods and cleaning house for a big Thanksgiving get together. Instead we packed our bags into the car. We were on our way to Disney World... for 10 days! My sisters Holly and Sunny and their families would meet us there.

The flight went well thanks to ipods and laptops. The only complication we had was having to pay an extra $100 because 2 of our bags were a few pounds over the 50 pound limit. Seriously?! There are six of us and we only checked 3 bags and they still feel the need to charge us. I think they need a better system. Anyhow...

We finally arrived at our hotel, Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, in the late afternoon. We headed off to the dining area to enjoy what turned out to be a very good tasting Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings. Well, some of us had the traditional food- Kobe had a meatball sub, Reagan- a hamburger, and Jackson- pizza.
Then we hopped over to the Magic Kingdom to ride some rides and finally meet up with Holly's family in time for the fireworks show- Wishes.
During the fireworks, Holly noticed a guy near us down on his knee. He was proposing to his girlfriend. Greg thought it was way too Uncle-Jessie-proposes-to-Rebecca-in-a-very-special-Full-House-Disney-World-episode. **EDIT: I have been corrected , it was actually Danny Tanner that proposed to Vicki at Disney World while Uncle Jessie was singing!** You know I had to sneak a shot anyway...
Jaleigh and Jackson... together again. :)
The rest of the evening was spent with the Avery's on rides and attractions. They left the park before us- we ended up getting to bed around 2am.

We are very thankful to be with family this Thanksgiving weekend on the whole next week!!


Shan said...

Yeah a post about Disney World! I am so jealous and one of these days want to go with you guys and Holly's family. I think it would be a blast! Can't wait for more..

Holly said...

I am so glad you got that picture of the proposal! I thought it was cute. They were so happy and just kept hugging, staring at the ring, and hugging again!

We loved being at WDW with you guys! I love so much having the kids together. They all get along so good! It was crazy with so many people (we know) there, but I wouldn't change it. Perfect!

So glad you tried out the Guest Assistance Card. Disney World will never be the same for you now!

Good job gettting this done! You are inspiring!