Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve was a happy evening. Since traveling to see family at Christmas time is pretty difficult, we make our own family for the holiday. The Lewis family and the Chambers family joined us for dinner and festivities. Because of our Disney World trip on Thanksgiving Day, it seemed like a good idea to make sure we still had that Thanksgiving food before the year was out. Turkey, potatoes, veggies, rolls...

... and plenty of desserts. The Chambers had received many goody plates from the neighbors and they brought them all to share with us. In fact, I don't know that they left with any of it, leaving the left overs to us and the Lewis'.
I had to get a Witman's Sampler this year, because it reminds me of Christmas at home. I felt a little guilty getting to eat the little messenger boy chocolate, since my Uncle Randy always snuck that one out before anyone else could get it.This evening was mostly about the kids as Christmas is.
There was some playing together
and there were planned activities run by my girls. They made reindeer food,
played holiday bingo,
and pin the nose on the snowman. We also turned a baseball pinata into an ornament pinata,
and a few other games and activities while the parents visited.Of course all the fun was building up to the grand finale...
All of the kids in their new Christmas Eve jammies
Kirk is a Buffalo Bills football player, and since the season is almost over, they are headed to their (real) home in Utah soon. They will be very missed and we sure hope they are back again next season!!
After the party wrapped up, our own Christmas Eve preparations got going. Kobe and Reagan left notes and treats for Santa.
(His pen grip drives me nuts! How does he write with his hand like that?)

Jackson is in love with this rug that the Lewis' got him. I joked with Angie that he would probably end up sleeping with it. He did pull it into bed with him tonight!
Once everyone was tucked in bed, my present wrapping procrastination problem surfaced... again. I wrapped all night in the basement and finally got to bed at 6am.
in about 2 hours the festivities started up again...

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