Sunday, August 3, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week # 31

The little bitty blessings of life..This week as I was taking some clothes out of the wash and into the dryer, I spotted a chapstick laying in there on some clothes. (I guess I should say 'lip balm' since it wasn't Chapstick brand.) I thought, "What luck that I happened to see that instead of it going into the dryer and ruining a bunch of clothes. What a pain that would have been!" I would've spent a lot of precious time trying to get melted wax spots out of clothes. I certainly didn't have time for that this week- heck I don't like to spend any time ever trying to fix that kind of a problem!
That got me to thinking about all of the many little blessings in life... all the little moments that we may not recognize when things go RIGHT. When things are going smoothly, it is a blessing.


Shan said...

I like this post Nik! It is a great reminder that a lot of things do go right -even it seems like a small thing :) Thanks! I needed that!

dad said...

How true it is... that we often overlook so many blessings because we just don't appreciate or recognize the little things. I find myself noticing them often, but give them as much appreciation as they are small, and quickly forget - unfortunately.
(Another topic fit for the Small Plates, as each of these "Blessings" are.)