Friday, August 15, 2008

August 14-15, 1969

On August 14, 1969 my parents were married in the Grand Rapids Stake Center (our church building in Michigan). Following their reception they flew to Salt Lake City, UT with my dad's mom. On August 15, 1969 they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

So today (& yesterday) they celebrate their
39th Anniversary!

I just wanted to thank them for loving each other and for setting the example for us girls of a successful, eternal marriage. We love you and miss you! Have a nice weekend in Chicago & at the Chicago Temple!


Beth Soelberg said...

Funny coincidence - my mom and stepdad were married 15 years ago on August 14 in the Chicago temple!

Congratulations to your parents, who are so fantastic in every way!

Glad you're home and had fun at camp!

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary to your cute parents!

dad said...

Thank you, NIkki for this sweet memorial. Your mother made it easy for me to participate in the example. (For the sake of history, it was only my mother that went with us. She so wanted to be with us at the temple. I guess they could only afford one ticket, but my dad drove us to the airport in Chicago following the reception.)
As you may know, a part of our going to Chicago was to celebrate the union of yet another couple being sealed on our day. (Brent Frye, who was one of your mom's sunday school class students - so it was a kind of a payday for her.)

Nikki said...

I will edit to make it historically correct. :)

Caity said...

That really so so cool to see! I can't wait to be that kind of example for my kids. Okay, I can wait...but it's just so cool!

Holly said...

Thanks for remembering this Nik. I was totally not thinking about this in all of my craziness. BUT!!! I love you mom & dad and I am so thankful for you both and your great example to us all!