Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Special Saturday

Greg and I were invited to Peter and Kara's wedding which was last Saturday.  Peter used to work for Greg, now they just play basketball together.  Peter's mother was Jillie's 5th grade teacher and now is Reagan's teacher.  A few of our good friends were invited too.  I was excited to have a chance for a date with Greg and hang out with good friends.  

But then there was the dilemma- what to do with the kids.  We had to leave for the wedding in downtown Buffalo around 3pm, the reception was set to begin at 6:30pm and would surely go into the night.  Jillie is 12 now you know- not really an age where you want a babysitter to come over!  But, she gets nervous at home alone after dark- and I'm worried about her trying to make dinner for everyone. (We need to practice more cooking at home!) We thought of different options like:
*ask a couple in the ward to come over and hang out with the kids
*ask one of the older young women from the ward to babysit the younger kids- but not Jillie.
*Let Jillie stay with the younger kids on her own, but run home between the wedding and the  reception to bring over a pizza for dinner & check in.

As it turned out none of those ideas were going to fly.  So we got brave and left Jillie to babysit her siblings for about 6 hours!  She stays with them often, but never that long or after dark. I was really worried that the younger kids wouldn't respect her as their babysitter.  We had a serious talk with Kobe especially (with a few threats thrown in there) about obeying Jillie- treating her like he would any other sitter.  We also talked with Jillie about treating them like any other kids she would sit for and treating this as a "real" job.  We also put together a cold dinner so we wouldn't worry about her having to cook anything.  

She did a GREAT job.  She did text me a lot during the evening, but that was OK since it helped me to know what was happening at home.
*Are you in the wedding?
*Has he kissed the bride yet?
*What are you doing now?
*Should we eat dinner yet?
*Are you coming home yet? It's getting dark.

She planned activities and had reward stickers.  They had fun, they got along- and they all did their dishes and took showers! We had a nice time too even though we had to leave before everyone else.  

I have been told that we should hire her again some time soon.  Sounds good to me!


Leanne said...

Ahhh...I remember the days. When our Jilly was 12, we let her watch the kids for the first time too. Your night sounded just like ours. Lots of phone calling etc. All went well and now, almost 4 years later, things are still ok. Sure, the kids still call me about a zillion times a night when I'm out, but it's nice to have a built in babysitter. She gets rewarded most times and now the other kids are old enough to watch Ava even.

I love it when they grow up and can be independent, but sometimes I miss the old days too. Thank goodness I have Ava to start all over again with!

Sorry about writing a book here. :)

Leanne said... saying we reward Jillian, "most times" sounds like we short change her! We don't. She gets compensated. I just meant that occassionally she has to be reminded that babysitting doesn't mean she can sit on the computer or hide in her room all night. When that moola or special privledges. Oops on her part. Lesson learned.

Shan said...

I need a Jillie :) She always has been such a sweet and great girl. I am glad you got to go out and have a fun night Nik! You deserve it! Also very glad to hear you have to throw in a few threats to Kobe- makes me feel better that I have to do that to mine :)

Abby said...

Sounds like Jillie is an awesome baby sitter! I wished we lived closer so we can hire her too! :)

Angie said...

Jillie is so GREAT! I love that she had a reward plan and activities lined up. Any family, would be lucky to have her babysitting for them!

dad said...

Wow, what a great kid-sitter Jillie is; keeping them involved in things to have fun and make it a positive experience. (Great job, Jillie)