Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last Sunday was our Children's Sacrament Meeting Program. No Jillie in it this time around, but Jack Jack was- along with Reagan and Kobe of course. They all did great. It was a nice program with lots of well sung songs. I'm including some video I took at their Saturday practice so grandparents can imagine they were there for the real thing. ;) Actually they all did their speaking parts better on Sunday.
We were all extra proud of Jackson for doing his best to say all of those big words. (Luckily his teacher, "Sister Jo" helped him- and whispered loud enough so the congregation could understand what he was trying to say.) Jackson was all smiles the whole time, stood and sat when he was supposed to, and sang every song... although he kept twisting his tongue, even while singing. Happily he wasn't the Sunbeam who was scared, shy, crying, or disobedient. His favorite of all the songs was "Called to Serve." Yea Jack Jack!
Kobe was front and center and did well to not look bored, sang out, smiled, and spoke clearly into the microphone.
Reagan had an air of confidence about her. Spoke and sang perfectly like it was the simplest thing to do. (I suppose by the time you are in your 2nd to last Sacrament Meeting Program of your Primary career, it's not a scary thing anymore.)
video video video video


Angie said...

I bet this was super cute!!! Sad to have missed it. Go Jack Jack for saying his part and singing and the funniest thing is that you had to tell Kobe to not look bored! Funny.

dad said...

What can I say... that's the way it is with OUR grandkids. They make us so proud.

Holly said...

I would have never thought to record what they say on Saturday! GOOD JOB KIDS!! Wish we could have seen them!

Sunny said...

YEA for the primary program! They had it here on the same day out here. Fun fun! Can't wait until Hy is struggling to not look bored too. Love it!!

Andrea said...

Thanks for posting the kids singing. Aidan loves to watch your kids.

Andrea said...

Thanks for posting the kids singing. Aidan loves to watch your kids.