Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recently we...

... went again to another high school football game so we could watch Reagan perform with the Junior Color Guard at half time.

This also means I got a picture of our fierce mascot, OPIE! (Go Quakers! Thank goodness our high school team keeps shutting out their opponents!)

So here she is in action- especially for Aunt Sunny, Reagan's color guard mentor:

...went on an adventure with our friends the Lewis'. The Dad's ordered us a limo to go out to dinner in a town that is about an hour away. We were going to a restaurant which overlooks the river. I'm sure it's a pretty view when it's not dark outside! :) We arrived at about 7:30pm. Kind of late for dinner with kids between the ages of 12 to 3... and a pregnant woman. Everyone was hungry. We waited at least 45 minutes to be seated since there are 11 of us. We even ordered in the lobby while waiting for our tables to get ready! The big problem was that we had to be back in the limo by 9:10pm to make it home before our limo time was up. Everyone ate quickly. I was moving too quickly and ended up with my entire glass of ice water in my lap. Lovely. Too bad the live music started at 9pm because we all liked that- especially the 3 and 4 year olds Cole and Jackson! They were dancing in their chairs. :) We got the rest of the kids food into take home containers and headed out... returning home just in time. It was a fun adventure for us & the kids had fun being together.

Greg and Jackson checking out the limo.

all of the big kids excited to see each other

couldn't get everyone in one picture- we just barely fit in the limo.

When Cole (carseat L) got in the limo he said to Jackson (carseat R), "You got a new car??"

When we got home the kids were so tired. Jillie ran right to bed since she had a church trip to Kirtland, OH the next morning. Reagan, Jackson, and Kobe tried to hold out for a while, only to pass out where they sat. :)


... began juggling all of the school year activities. For the record...

Jillie: Select Choir, Musical (one of the City Dogs in the musical It's a Dog's Life.), MSTV (one of the anchors of the morning announcements), Spanish club, Young Womens, ward choir & signed up for a basketball league later this year

Reagan: Chorus, Orchestra (cello), Intramurals, Junior Color Guard, Activity Days, ward choir & about to sign up for gymnastics again.

Kobe: 4 on 4 basketball, and signed up for a basketball league later this fall

Jackson: Preschool 2 days a week, 2 sessions of speech therapy per week, 2 sessions of physical therapy per week, one session of occupational therapy per week.

And that's what we've been up to recently.


Shan said...

I am exhausted just reading about all you have going on!

Jenn said...

Caught up in the speed of light!

You've been so busy.

THe mascot cracks me up.

Shan said...

And how do you have time to blog at all?? You are awesome Nik!

Sunny said...

YEA REAGAN!!! I love it!! I wish I could be there to watch you ( and play with your flag and maybe try out your rifle! ) Hyrum liked watching your performance too. You did so good. Do you want continue doing it? Yeah it is good that your football team keeps shutting people out because your mascot looks like the kind of mascot that gets beat up and teased when he's with the other mascots. ( How fearsome is a Quaker?)

Abby said...

You are one busy Mom...a great one at that!!

Carolyn said...

What fun for the kids to ride in a limo even if the night was rushed and late! Great job on the performance are so pretty and talented. Jillie you are an amazing and beautiful Y.W. and great at all that you do....such a busy girl (I wonder where she gets that from???)Good luck w/ B-ball Kobe! And Jack Jack, good luck with your fun!

Caity said...

I read everything you have going on with your kids and I think I had better enjoy all my down time until that starts in two years! You're amazing!

Oh and I love Reagan's pictures and video in the color guard! When I was little I soooo wanted to do color guard. I can't remember why I didn't.
She is so cute!

dad said...

What a fun night, Limo and all. And the color guard, what fun! I wonder if Reagan has seen the photo I took of Sunny (and her friend Alison) when she was in color guard.

Holly said...

Ok- I don't even know how you have time to breathe... I love that I get to see Reagan in colorguard! It makes us feel like we are there too. :)

Ethan wants to go to DisneyLAND because he thinks you get to ride in a limo there... Little does he know. Good times!