Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Things

You know we HAD to see it on opening night! Jillie went to see it with her friends. She apparently needed to feel a little independent and made it clear that I had to take Reagan, Kobe, and Jackson to another theater. (Greg stayed home so he could pick up Jillie and her friends from their movie.) We thought it was a fun movie- although Reagan was annoyed by the screaming t'weens that filled the audience. They screamed every time Zac Efron was on screen it seemed! Everyone liked the whole thing. Kobe especially liked the songs The Boys are Back and "the song where he screams". :) Jackson sang and danced and cheered through it all. I was a little concerned about some of the outfits the girls were wearing. Not awful, but do they really have to wear such short skirts? And who wears dresses and very high heels to high school?!

I am embarrassed to admit (but I will) that I was fighting back a few tears at the final curtain call. Geez, what's wrong with me?! Such a girl! I was reminded by Holly that this was like the day they aired the episode of Blue's Clues when Steve is going to college- and I totally got teary when he looks back at the camera and says, "Thank YOU." :)

I wonder if someday I'll look back at these tickets and think, "Wow, movies were cheap back then!" Hard to imagine, but probable.

Another Good thing from this week- GOOD MAIL from Angie Merx. Yea! Thank you so much! We quite enjoyed goodies from Meijer and your super thoughtful note!


Leanne said...

Jillian went to see that movie on the first day out too. I have to admit that I've never seen HS Musical movies. Am I missing out?

Wow...movies in NY are much higher than movies here price wise. Then again, I don't get out to the movies much. Boy, I sound pitiful don't I?

Hey, if I knew you wanted some Meijer stuff, I would have sent you some Good Mail too!

Abby said...

I was embarrassed to admit it too, but since you did...I got a little teary too at the end! :)

I was glad there wasn't a lot of t'weens in our theater...I would have been annoyed as well.

So the day of going to the movies without the parents has come! How fun for Jillie...maybe not so much for you! I'm so not looking forward to that day.

Shan said...

You have been busy blogging Nik!
How fun to get good mail! There can never be enough of it.
Haven't seen HSM yet but Karly really wants to see it, and I imagine I will get teary eyed as I am easily moved to tears :)

Angie said...

I am sad that I havne't seen HSM3 yet. I just need to take Owen sometime and see it. I really liked the first 2.. yes, I'm over 30 and don't have any daughters!!

Sunny said...

I've never seen HSM. I've heard the music listening to Radio Disney but never seen the movie. Someday I'm sure I will though. Wow movies ARE more expensive there.