Friday, February 8, 2008

52 Blessings Project: Week #5

Sick, But Healthy Kids{Kobe asleep on the bathroom floor while he waited for the next wave of vomitting}
This week we've been passing around a stomach bug. Now we've added a head cold to it as well. No fun. Sleepless nights. Lots of laundry. Worrying who is going to fall next. Wondering if we will all be better for our trip to Disneyland next weekend. All this was getting me down because I didn't feel good and I felt totally unproductive this week.

But then I was reminded that while the kids are sick right now, they will get better. Things could be so much worse. Some kids do not get better for a very long time. This is temporary and for this reason I feel blessed. I am grateful to have kids that are healthy and pray that they will remain healthy. {Kobe now has red freckles from ruptured blood vessels due to some serious vomitting.}


Sunny said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. That's no fun! I thought about that a lot when my boys were sick. I have a whole lot more sympathy for care takers. Disneyland will make everyone well though! Wish we could go too! Maybe the next next time!:)

Leanne said...

Awww...poor Kobe. It must be bad if he's camping out in the bathroom :( We have a designated "puke bowl" that my kids carry around when they are sick. Yep, it's the same bowl that I use to make pancake batter, mix cake in, eat popcorn out of etc. :)

Holly said...

Sad that there is sickness, but you are so right, Thank goodness they get better soon and it is all a distant memory. Not all people have that and how hard that must be. Hope you all get well soon before your trip. With a little California sunshine, you will all be better soon! (PLEASE bring some back with you!!)

Greg Garrick said...

You're kidding about the multi-functional "puke bowl" -- right?